Kathy Griffin Makes the Best Schadenfreude

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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply Your demonic voice effects are awesome. Even though I'm not a Trump supporter, I also think that Griffin is nothing but a mediocrity. Speaking of backlashes, Bill Maher has caught heat for saying the N-word. If it's ok to lampoon conservative or Republican politicians, then Democrats are fair game. (I suggest that you go after Mitch Landrieu next, he and the New Orleans city council are embarrassments.)
    • AzraelStyx parent reply Thank you for the feedback, The voice has changed a bit over the course of my short time. All the vid.me videos were remastered but my earlier ones on youtube have my old voice settings if you ever get bored enough to want to compare. I saw the Maher thing and I think the backlash is ridiculous, but he hasn't apologized that I've seen. I'll look into Landrieu, if I do a vid on it, you'll get a shout-out.
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