Barbie - NES - Only Level One

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  • [ – ] Vossi_46_gaming reply Still better gameplay than COD lol Only kidding. Great vid
  • [ – ] mrttou reply Barbie, bro? Maaaaan...I hope you are just that dedicated to getting lvl 1 for every game, cause, uh, you know....I hope I don't see you rockin no pink tennies, ha ha... or a princess crown.
    • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply Every game. Gonna have to play it at some point. And don't knock my pink tennies. They've lasted longer than my princess crown did.
      • mrttou parent reply Ohhh MAN! It's worse than I thought! You have a crown & tennies..HAHA. Right on man. Good playin. :D
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply ...and we all wonder why games targeted towards young girls always fail. GAWD this looked like a terrible game! I want to see Barbie and the dream-car in like, Forza 7. LOL
    • OnlyLevelOne parent reply The mechanics of the game were horrible. Barbie wasn't as diverse back then as she is now, but she WAS far more diverse than this game shows.
  • [ – ] JohnBirdMedia reply What have I just watched? Ha! Old school Platform games drove me insane! xD
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I wore one of your shirts in my most recent anime review. Still wearing it now. Keep being awesome.
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