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  • LadyK reply @JustABloke I had vlogging practice over on YouTube since 2015. I won't be taking the new cam with me in the surf 🏄. But I will be taking my GoPro in the surf. The new cam will be stuffed in my backpack along with my car keys.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply The moment this video started you already looked happy I could tell LoL I take it you like this camera. BTW I think you are already verified, I see the purple tick. Yep I can happily say the tipping part of the verification system works perfectly. Very friendly people in the South. Teleport :-)
    • [ – ] LadyK parent reply Dude, thanks for the tip! I just checked my email about 30 minutes ago. Stoked to got verified tonight. Thanks Duffy, Sarah and the entire Vidme staff! I'm loving my new camera!
      • JustABloke parent reply Thing is, you are really good at this vlogging, I love it. The VidMe team are really awesome guys. I didn't hear any wind noise problems in the footage, maybe because you was sheltered amongst the trees ? PSST don't drop the new camera in the surf 👍
  • [ – ] MultiKillerjoe reply cute
  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply The micromuff thing is kinda why I stopped using a point and shoot camera. I used to have a sony RX100 MK1, I got the Canon EOS M3 which is better since it has a mic port and flip up screen. It's also a mirrorless camera so not as big and heavy as normal dslr.
    • LadyK parent reply The SX730 HS has a flip up screen and a nice quiet zoom. I wouldn't have gotten it if it didn't' have a flip up screen. My windjammer for my mic came the other day. So I'm going to test out the wind today. I don't like to carry a lot of bulk. I'm getting use to the heaviness of the camera combined with the tripod. I do have a little arthritis from time to time so the tripod helps steady from shaking. Overall, I am liking my camera.
  • [ – ] LadyK reply @MultiKillerjoe Aw shucks!
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