Germany: TV+Police blame Germans for Crimes of Foreigners

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  • VybeyPantelonez reply Islamofagsh1ts dindunuffin
  • [ – ] Stonersrule reply i have a video on my page saying this very thing "Blaming White People for Multicultural Failures"BTW CCleaner is good i have used it for years just my opinion of course :)
  • [ – ] Horcalong reply To what end? That's my question. What is it "they" are hoping to achieve with all this destabilization?
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply In my opinion, they want to take full control. Globalism is 1.) Destabilization (eg. bringin in millions of people from incompatible "cultures") 2.) Total Control (full censorship and full Martial Law) 3.) Exploitation (of natural ressources and ultimately humans) Globalists are inhumane and crazy. Not dumb, but crazy. Some of them actually think they are "the chosen ones", "superhuman". descendants of some "superior alien life form". These people are batshit crazy.
  • [ – ] Emil_Emilius reply Kein Wunder das Grüne Pädos immer behaupten das es auch Deutsche Kriminelle gibt.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Ich habe mal nen Video über Volker B. gemacht, aber er ist ein Jurist und sehr klagefreundlich. Deshalb habe ich aufgepasst, dass ich nicht verklagt werden kann. Aber Volker B., Daniel Cohn B. und viele andere haben damals "seltsame" Thesen vertreten, um es mal so zu formulieren.
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply Moroccans are mostly ISIS Islamic
  • Emil_Emilius reply The Russians, the Polish and the Aussiedler are the only whites in Germany that defends themself.
  • [ – ] Emil_Emilius reply The media and the politics are mostly recruted out of psychopaths and formerly bullied people and they hate themself and all of the world. The lies are normal for hatefilled people and psychopath and some of the bullied peoples search later revenge and that is their revenge. They are all Insane.
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