James Comey FBI Director Colluded with Russia to Help Trump

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  • BrokeMansPC reply I bet that one of the sources is wikileaks, right?
  • BrokeMansPC reply Lol too many bombshells :D
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Russia is not run by the dominant elite, but rather the secondary elite. Trump is not part of the dominant elite. You can draw your own conclusions. The U.S. intelligence agencies are run by the dominant elite but they are infiltrated by secondary elite. It's a spaghetti mess of intrigue. When you're the chicken, do you vote for the fox or the coyote? As you would expect, humanity is the chicken in this analogy and the fox and coyote are the various elites.
  • DarcPrynce reply This is funny https://vid.me/gvGs
  • Unhipalmond360 reply Can someone tell me how the Russians convinced me to vote for Trump? I have been voting Republican for a president since 2000. And the last time I voted Democrat was 1992 and never will ever again.
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