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  • [ – ] Kikazaru reply I don't like Garfield much either but man, I do love me some of that Gazorpazorpfield :3
  • Dooooooooooooooom reply Well, as bad as Garfield can be, it's still no Family Circus...
  • MyAbsurdum reply You'll find Self-deprecation and relatable humour on Tumblr all the time, especially Owlturd who is the epitome of that twitter post you showed.
  • Florella reply As a point of criticism, you not keeping a consistent distance from your mic is - for lack of a better descriptor - disorienting. Especially toward the end, it's almost like motion sickness; that said however, love your stuff, genuinely. Love your rants. You sound like a kind guy, keep doing what you do :D
  • [ – ] DaniGregersen reply nice animation :)
    • MicMule parent reply I don't really get if this is animation..... is it? It's more a...... comic in video voice over form....... Yea it's an animation.....m
  • Chdonga reply Haha you have small balls loser.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply nobody has relatability to my face bcuz im the most hideous in the world
  • SixPocketStudios reply You have some interesting things to say. Awesome video, dawg.
  • BirtyTorex reply I always thought the Garfield comics were pretty boring too. Garfild is way better.
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