Procrastination is Part of Being Human

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  • Kugee reply I had a tab for this video sitting in my browser, essentially procrastinating from watching this for a couple of hours, heh. The advice given here is quite accurate; I've started to take (sometimes?!) daily walks, and they have given me a bit of momentum to do productive things.
  • whako reply Procrastinating is probably a day to day routine for me lol, I am getting better at fixing it but yeah it will always be there haha.
  • Narcistego reply I should watch this video, but I think I'll do it tomorrow instead... or maybe the next day.
  • [ – ] katburns reply i like this!
  • [ – ] chopperguy reply LifeProTips, thanks for mentioning that. Chopper.
  • MyAbsurdum reply Once you finally start doing one task, it's really easy to move on to another. And if there's anything Spongebob Squarepants has taught me, "STOP WASTING TIME!"
  • [ – ] BagelNet reply nice
  • [ – ] Infamous_Queen reply bro i love this!! im new the community so hi lol how do you do these animations?
  • [ – ] sarah reply hahaha omg this was hilarious! too relatable. i'm procrastinating at work right now by watching this video (jk but maybe not jk)
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