FACE TO FACE TO FACE with the JABBERWOCKY | Secret Of Mana - Part 13

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  • [ – ] Vagitarian reply Could be the best SNES game of all time!
    • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply Hands down one of the best of all time! I only wish we got Secret of Mana 2 ported to North America, it's just as good.
      • [ – ] Vagitarian parent reply Yeah! I watched demos of SOM2, but that was all! I am looking forward to replaying this classic on the SNES classic if I can get one! I actually bought Secret of Mana as a birthday present for myself the very first day it came out wayyyy back! Paid $103 CDN for it brand new! I had no idea at the time it would become my favorite!
        • [ – ] Vagitarian parent reply $103 CDN was a lot of money for a little kid too! But well worth it!
          • RetroBit parent reply Holy crap. $100 back then is so steep, but we'll worth the price imo! Thankfully we can get it for ~$10 on the VC now. Haha. I remember saving up for a year when I read about Super Metroid in Nintendo Power as a kid. Still play it to this day :p
  • [ – ] FoxPlays reply Such an excellent game, the music and the sprites :D
    • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply Easily one of my favorite Snes games of all times. Have you played it yourself? If not we really recommend it! :D
      • [ – ] FoxPlays parent reply Of course man, that's why I left a comment, finished it too many times. The ice castle song is my favourite
        • RetroBit parent reply Nice! The music in SoM is incredible. If you don't know about it, check out OCRemix. They have some amazing SoM music ost remixes.
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