lazy days

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  • [ – ] heymattsokol reply cool song.
  • [ – ] Oatworks reply Love the background art. It is good to match 90's retro music with 90's retro pixel art. I am, sadly, old enough to recognize the home video date stamp and, what would that flickering have been, poor VCR tape tracking or some sort of timing or synchronization problem with the CRT scanner beam? I do enjoy film noir cyberpunk aesthetics.
    • [ – ] WoodShark parent reply Thank you for the comment! What flickering are you talking about? I don't know if you're talking about when the RGB shifts, or if the date stamp flickers (I don't know if that happens in this video or a separate one).
      • [ – ] Oatworks parent reply I do not recall noticing the date stamp flickering; I was referring to the RGB shift.
        • WoodShark parent reply Alright cool. I didn't know if it was this video or another one that had the date stamp glitch. I used the RGB shift to emulate a glitch in the VHS tape just for effect. Hope that answers your question! :D
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