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Thunder Dragon - Digimon METALution Medley II - GP6 Cover, Remastered

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September 9 2017

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It's been a week since I released my New Years 2017 Cover Remasters of Digimon METALution Medley I & II, and RollerCoaster Tycoon Metal Medley in my New Years Update video. (AND YET ONLY 1 VIEW BEFORE THIS WAS UPLOADED!!!). The reason why I delayed this for a week was because I was trying to prepare all of my music videos (I'm still working on screenshots for my RollerCoaster Tycoon Metal Medley GP6 remastered, which is why that video will be delayed). Anyway, let's talk about new things that are in this Guitar Pro 6 remastered version (yes, it's still Guitar Pro 6 and not real instruments but just updated with my current Realistic Sound Engine [RSE] setup and fixes and such). Besides extra instruments and some minor fixes, I changed the soundbanks of my guitars (same Les Paul guitar but with different bridges) to distinguish the instruments when they are playing at the same time (I hate that the same instruments at opposing pans become mono in the center when playing the same note) and I changed my style of slides (I hated how slides worked in Guitar Pro 6, the fact that they don't slide instantly, so I tabbed out my slides individually, fret-by-fret, though, they still sound like they are slightly strummed even when I put them as ghost notes... I hate GP6's slide system :P ). Other than those, there isn't much of an update besides updated soundbanks and note fixes compared to my obsolete version. However, I can't go back and listen to my old stuff because those rhythm guitars in my old stuff sound so cringy when they become mono in the center for playing the same notes. Songs arranged in "Digimon METALution Medley II - GP6 Cover, Remastered" are: • 0:01 - "SLASH!!" (outro only) Digimon Tamers, sung/composed/arranged by Michihiko Ōta and written by Hiroshi Yamada • 0:25 - "With The Will" from Digimon Frontier, sung by Kōji Wada, composed by Cheru Watanabe, and written by Sachiko Ōmori • 2:12 - "The last element" from Digi…

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