Whale goes crazy over humans kissing

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  • trevasaurus reply Don't slut shame if you're unfuckable.
  • FunkyMunky reply Someone forgot their meds
  • [ – ] ElementWWFE reply she has those rottweiler eyebrows LOOL
  • ABCguy reply He should of said my name is Hugh Mungus,
  • xenderx reply Funny how she continuously calls the girl a 'slut' and a 'prostitute' and says nothing like that about the guy... and the fact that it's being said by a fellow woman is so damn disappointing...
  • DaxEPants reply Not our fault you're a fat fuck with a toxic attitude. Go shoot up melted butter or whatever the fuck else you do in your free time, cunt. We all know you're not gonna eat that salad.
  • TheRetiredTrucker reply Soon, we will purge the SJW Snowflakes.......
  • StellyAndTheMonkey reply this is just horrible. this kind of people are the reason we are not advancing as society. I feel bad for the guys that date her when they get to know her better and she releases the beast. she seems like a person who would call her boyfriend a rapist if he dares breaking up with her.
  • guywilliams reply What a nutcase.
  • Dalamar reply I'm curious why staff didn't call cops and kick her out/ban her? She is clearly off her pills and a danger to self and others.
  • BitterBiped reply Stupid fat ham
  • urharassingme reply Moby Dickhead
  • Domi_Nion reply Wtf did I just watch
  • Majatek reply What a bewildering contradictory amalgamation of appropriated social justice lingo (to appear as a/the victim afaik), sexism and racism. They carry on about sexual harassment and stalking - while slut-shaming and escalating the situation by aggressively positioning themselves closer. If that thing were an AI, it'd self terminate from the sheer volume of logical paradoxes it would harbour.
  • CynthiaEng reply She's mentally ill...FULL ON BATSHIT.
  • LiveFreeOrDie reply pathetic af. surprised someone didn't knock her the fuck out
  • HaveSomeIntegrity reply If we cloned her we could ween ourselves off fossil fuels and return to whale oil. Could be the break our environment needs.
  • DeeCee reply Holy crap! This poor woman needs to be put on a 72 hour hold before she hurts someone.
  • [ – ] lukethekidd reply Dude hats off to you and your girl for keeping your composure. If this fat piece of dog shit abomination of a human was talking to my wife like that, i would have back handed her so fucking hard that her fat would have did a full revolution around her lard ass. Really man, props. I would have lost my shit and drug her ass out of the store by her hair. Shit i wouldnt even have to my wife would have jumped to it
  • [ – ] avatarofshadow reply Trump's America right here, folks
  • Ice-Queen reply Mad cow disease is serious business.
  • Dalamar reply That land whale must have broke out of a mental institution. It is probably a virgin too.
  • nutbunny reply Fuuuuuuck! What a mega bitch. For me, PDAs are neither here nor there. Sometimes PDAs irritate me. Most of the time they do not. To explode like this at a couple smooching in a queue is ugly. We (civilised society) do not need ugly people like this, vomiting on everything just because they dont have a man.
  • Ice-Queen reply What a total fruitloop.
  • Android_Games reply I was hoping this was some April Fool's Day joke. Wow, just wow
  • IHaveNoIdeaWhy reply Just when I thought people can't get any dumber. I saw this video and I was wrong yet again.
  • Zac_Mills reply This video is harassing me. In public... while having sex. All over my food. Hello, police?
  • Ice-Queen reply Her name is Anna Storelli. She's a cam girl. Poses nude on cam. Look her up.
  • Jaded_eGO reply I would've started making out with my boyfriend more just to piss her off even more. lel.
  • ElementWWFE reply Honestly now i feel bad for her after seeing this shit WTF!!!!! http://turtleboysports.com/turns-out-ginger-cheesehog-anna-storelli-used-to-be-skinny-got-a-boobjob-has-multiple-restraining-orders-and-snapped-after-2-week-virtual-reality-experiment-in-college/
  • JohnChrisCloud reply WELL WELL WELL!! Lookie what WE found! https://www.reddit.com/r/pussypassdenied/comments/63jfmt/remember_the_woman_that_freaked_out_on_the_couple/
  • davieWREX reply http://imgur.com/bTKENfe bitch in question
  • urharassingme reply Moby Dickhead
  • MarkLibertoWSJ reply I can 100% guarantee all the clowns in the video VOTE DEMOCRAT.
  • MarkLibertoWSJ reply Act like a whore in public with your tongue down her mouth in her thigh high hip boot - yeah, she's a HO. And YES it is a PUBIC place you dumb slut.
  • [ – ] MarkLibertoWSJ reply Good for her - the minute the illegal placed hands on the blabbering cow - that's assault.
    • Dalamar parent reply @MarkLibertoWSJ You sound like a modern-liberal sjw democrat and the assclown whale in the video. PS, read the laws. Privately owned establishments are not public.
  • CynthiaEng reply Are these actors?..... This has to be staged.
  • showstopperr reply I agree with the "whale". fuck that couple!
  • [ – ] itsOnlyRawman reply Kissing in public is garbage to look at and I'm not onboard with picking on some one but she really messed up by getting racist and stuff. She could have just calmly said kissing in public might make some other people uncomfortable and left.
    • [ – ] lukethekidd parent reply He kissed her on the forhead dude.... That lady is a miserable son of a bitch that gets upset when she sees a happy couple because shes miserable and NO man wants to be with her. Shes repulsive.
      • itsOnlyRawman parent reply Alright calm down. I was just trying to bring rationale to a discussion where there was very little to none. Never said she dealt with it in the best way. But in the video the couple were pretty much keeping chill with the nonsense and not fighting back until she got racist.
  • Vodkacannon reply This bitch needs the release
  • Vodkacannon reply I can't say I can say anything nice
  • BBQPOWER reply Eh 180k views and 3rd comment is this real tea
  • napman reply http://imgur.com/bTKENfe And here she is sexually assaulting my eyes by being naked ewwww
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