The Social Justice Takeover of Entertainment

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  • [ – ] WolfUnwilling reply Who cares about Hollywood? I personally just stick to online media, anyway. If Hollywood wants to force an ideology down my throat, I'll simply watch something else. Plain and simple.
    • Platypus67 parent reply Exactly!! Hollywood's shit is SOOO predictable! And i hated arrived critics with their set-in-stone "opinion" since i was a teenager; if a movie had a 'must watch'-rating i most likely ended up not watching it...
  • pokematic reply I love Karen Straughan's critique of the Bechdel test, "Lesbian Dildo Orgy 7 passes it." Personally, I like to use the South Park Eat, Pray, Queef as a counter argument to its legitimacy since EPQ prominently features female characters talking about nothing but queefing for the sheer joy of talking about feminine bodily functions, thus it passes.
  • [ – ] farrst reply To be honest I don't care if hollywood dies. It doesn't mean anything anymore - Netflix + Amazon alone mean more than anything hollywood produces year on year. Hell more people know Game of Thrones + Walking Dead than all of hollywood. I suspect that if you could only watch those 2 shows in Cinema's - hollywood would be dead already. But alas welcome to life support.
    • [ – ] Schattenkater parent reply I see what you're trying to say, and I'm generally with you. But I think the Game of Thrones comparison is probably not the best way to do it. That show is now one of the prime examples what is going wrong in Hollywood, because it has turned straight on to feminism and libtardville hardcore. I just cannot watch that crap anymore.
  • DarkQuark reply If liberalism is a cancer (and it is) Hollywood is the tumor. They suffer from the same philosophical error that all liberals do. That being the idea that nothing is as important as self.
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply I have to agree with many people here. Hollywood is a nothingburger and we have known for decades that without fan consumption these flaky, droll, uneducated brats would not exist. No one cares anymore. Doing remakes and sequels to sequels gets old, fast.
  • vanners reply Sadly, I called this one. When Gene was at the helm the politics was asked but not answered as a general rule. Since his death it has become more preachy. Sadly it has now crossed the line - I'm not paying for propaganda. I'll most likely drop the DC CW shows too, it's just so in-your-face awful now, it totally takes me out of the moment. I'm a long time DC comics and Star Trek fan, but not any more. So sad:(
  • 3oddbits reply And Hollywood / Broadcast TV / Cable Companies are baffled by "cord-cutting" ... I prefer books for reading, and SJW authors get no repeat business. I have no interest in paying for propaganda.
  • blazedu reply The worst (but also best) part of this decaying leftist hollywood is that the older and more knowledgeable you get, the more obvious their pandering bullshit pops out. And i can't stand any entertainment product that starts spewing their agenda and trying to indoctrinate more and more young people.
  • [ – ] Bobert reply Dave, Have you heard of Lisk? It's a crypto currency working on making a platform for decentralized apps. They're trying to replace the app store and Google play store. SDK is coming out soon, I wonder if the developers of Gab know about it? They'd be able to put Gab on there. You guys should check it out, decentralization is becoming huge
    • [ – ] DoMiNeLa10 parent reply Even if it's going to turn into a decent app store, it won't have the appeal of being on your device out of the box. These attempts can become popular among tech-savvy users, but not the general public.
      • Bobert parent reply There's a ton of tech savvy people who will help their friends and family get it. Plus, overtime I could become mainstream
  • CleetusVDamme reply I will always prefer Babylon 5 to both Star Trek and Star Wars, especially with those 2 franchises going down the same road.
  • RoboLynx reply I enjoyed passengers, though the ending was pretty weak in my personal opinion.
  • Auceza reply Star Trek became SS Trek. Pretty annoying.
  • pokematic reply There already is a "right wing Star Trek," it's called "Star Trek." While I personally haven't seen it (more of a Star Wars guy), Bill Whittle wouldn't hold it in such high regards and talk about how conservative it is if it had liberal taint.
  • [ – ] markbrockington7 reply I'm all for feminism, equality but if you're going to force people into accepting your opinion instead of letting them think for themselves then you're the extremists, you're the bully. Yes I am a liberal but I'm not the kind that would call someone a racist just because they vote for Trump and they have the confederate flag. I'm not going to call anyone a sexist because they don't want to here about feminism. I believe we need to think for ourselves.
  • DiscoProJoe reply I really enjoyed Passengers and never found it to be the least bit "sexist" or "misogynistic." I posted a lengthy comment on Dave's video review of that film at underneath the video, where I discuss the complex moral dilemmas in the plot.
  • [ – ] CryptoAndMarkets reply Keep triggering Liberals Dave. The SJWs act like complete clowns. They more you expose, the more you drive away from them. A net positive for all!
    • CryptoAndMarkets parent reply And the fact that these people don't want free debate says it all. They're all indoctrinated to the point anyone right of Stalin triggers them.
  • AnimeReviews reply Anime voice actors and scriptwriters are also trying to sneak SJW crap into English dub scripts of anime, using character lip flaps to soapbox their political ideology! The fans aren't having it!
  • Ishigami reply What? And here I was thinking GameGate was about ethics in video game journalism. That magazines should disclose their affiliations to the creators. Journalist travelled all over the world stayed in nice and expensive hotels to participate in exciting events held and paid for by the publisher of a game that they would later review. Or in other times a sister company would publish a review in one of their magazines of a game that is created by another subsidiary of the same mother company or that a game magazine is owned by video game store franchise… Little did I know it was all about left wing propaganda...
  • Taimoor reply
  • WinkyDink reply Not a huge fan of your opening argument with Passengers. You essentially say that Hollywood pushes a leftist agenda, and attacks things that don't promote that agenda. You go further to say that there's an obvious discrepancy between how viewers and critics see some movies. Then you point out that critics didn't like Passengers, saw it as misogynistic, while viewers didn't seem to care as much. Hollywood made that movie. They made it without the worry of a feminist agenda. Your argument there works better to say that critics push the leftist agenda. Just my two cents. I don't agree with a lot of what you present ideologically, but I think you're intelligent and raise good points too.
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