A walk to the church on my block... St.Johannis church

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Very nice scenery. This was lovely. I am a dingus when it comes to editing programs but there are lots of people here on vidme that have helped me come a long way. Welcome to vidme btw!
    • [ – ] renatebutler parent reply Appreciate that hun :) -I a just doing this for bout 2 month now and have a whole lot to learn lol...started on you tube but its too stressy there even though I had good success still too much drama and them robots and trolls, hackers and rules ...nah...will start over...thanks for taking the time to watch :)
      • AmandaFood parent reply The same for me, I think it's a bit calmer here. I have made lots of friends here that are helpful and very awesome people. Glad you found a place to post your videos. Can't wait to see what else you have to show. And you're welcome!
  • [ – ] KimLightyear reply Beautiful fowers and wonderful church. Die Kirche ist sehr beeindruckend. Ich mag die alte, verzierte Bauweise sehr. Klasse :)
    • renatebutler parent reply Gefällt mir auch so gut :) und unsere Freunde in Amerika sehen solche Architektur nicht so oft daher filme ich sie :) Dankeschön fürs schauen :)
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