Audi’s Embarrassing Wage Gap Fail

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  • bnShadow13 reply Absolutely hilarious XD
  • ChazDragoon reply and yet despite the clear and obvious self sabotaged failure...betcha Audi will continue to push the narrative so long as it gets them Dolla---wait...sjws are spoiled rich kids who only care about controlling everything around them, not buying things. (Cause capitalism bad yet they contribute--fuck my head hurts...) What was the point Audi? =/
  • c_arnold03 reply I had no plans to purchase an Audi before this. I still won't be making any plans to do so now.
  • CaptainFrugal reply Well done, I am sick of the SJW BS that does not use facts. I love how they take a cluster sample and used wage comparisons that did not even compare the actual jobs.
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