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  • [ – ] Cellblock776 reply The whole "controversial" video issue on YouTube is what is moving me here. My channel was really all over the place with some Vloging and discussions about what is known as "prepping" or what some used to call survivalist type discussion. I also had some videos of me in pistol shooting competitions and training classes. YouTube has been blocking, demonetizing and dropping subscribers of channels which discuss or show subjects like I was. Heck, if all I did was videos talking about my cats I'd be famous. In the past year I've been posting almost nothing but ham radio club meetings to have some content to put there that YouTube would consider "safe". Finally, after hearing that several other YouTube channels that discuss "prepping" or gun subjects were looking to jump ship I discovered Vidme and decided to give it a try. I will be moving some older videos over here as well as be creating some new content. I even ordered a new camera to kick off my new channel with and should have tho...morese videos up soon. Hopefully Vidme works out as a suitable alternative to YouTube.
    • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply Nice :) Go VidMe am I right :) youtube is going crazy. what Camera did you order?
      • [ – ] Cellblock776 parent reply Nothing really fancy. Just something so I'm not filming on my phone anymore. I got the Besteker HDV-Z20 coming next week from Amazon. Right now all the videos you see on my YouTube channel were filmed with my Galaxy Note 3 phone and simply edited using Microsoft Movie Maker on my laptop. Very basic setup. A tripod, my phone, free software on Windows and then uploaded. I wanted to cover a lot of other topics but YouTube just didn't seem inviting to it so I'm moving here and hope to post regularly. I'm not into gaming at all, haven't video gamed since MechWarrior came out on PC, and don't really follow gaming channels but know they are very popular. So I hope you do great here and find a good audience. I'll be over with the "prepper", survival, get your bug out bag, grab your gun, type channels mostly with some ham radio stuff sprinkled in. Wish me luck. :) Link to camera->
        • StefanJenkins parent reply Thanks nice Camera. I like the videos its very useful Stuff. Its Crazy even in the military they relay on technology so much. Keep making the Videos. if you make a video showing the basics of how to use a compass and how to use a map i think that would be great.
  • [ – ] BobTheDeplorable reply The best part of Vidme is that, unlike many other places today, they don't appear hate their content creators. You tube and many social media platforms for that matter, seem to constantly be at odds with the people using the service.
  • [ – ] DavidDoel reply Nailed it. You pretty much predicted what YouTube would do (pull monetization without explanation). I agree with you on all points, and I also prefer the Vidme platform to YT. P.S. Love your overall positivity!
  • [ – ] Mookatsu reply Youtube will implode from trying to be politically correct. And it's 100% deserved. Controversial is subjective. Simple.
  • [ – ] SigilScale reply VidMe needs some privacy settings like in youtube.
    • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply Yer it dose but I think if vidme do they will communicate it so much better and you will know why your Video gets flagged. hopefully anyway only time will tell.
  • [ – ] johngalt2600 reply They're also blocking childrens videos if they contain BLACK toys. watch?v=SwKi1xfRhU4 In the future I think YouTube will only stream videos from the mainstream media. Basically competing with netflix. Which will fail because netflix is already established in that market. Shortly after they do that the entire youtube project will be canceled. Because of this I started looking around and found VidMe.
    • StefanJenkins parent reply That is so crazy. How can they set it that way? I agree, I can see it going that way but recently in England some large media company's have just pulled out from YouTube such as channel four so they will have to do something to recover. :)
  • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer reply I don't think it's the end of YouTube right now, however, if they start actually taking videos off the site because they can't get their ad placements under control THEN I think a lot of people will be very pissed off. I think a lot of medium-to-large channels make most of their profit from merch, patreon and sponsorships, so they won't be as affected by demonetization. And as far as YouTube goes, it is still by far the biggest site and if advertisers don't want to advertise there because they are spineless and paranoid, then that's their choice. They can go back and advertise on dying Cable TV and dying old media if they want to??? What other option do they have lol. WE ARE HERE. If they want OUR MONEY, they better come to US. However, I think the good thing is that this will give more attention to VidMe, and hopefully that means more cool features for us and hopefully that also means that YouTube will stop trying to pander to EVERYONE ...everyone but their core audience and their cor...moree content creators lol.
  • [ – ] Vossi_46_gaming reply 110% agree but a quick thought if youtube is losing advertisers does that mean when an average joe like me or yourself using youtube advertising do we get more for our money?
    • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply Hi buddy great question. I dont think this will increase Value for money. I think what it will effect is the total ad revenue a person could earn on YouTube because if YouTube's profits start to drop. Then I think they will reduce the amount of ad revenue a creator can make. Which will lead then to putting there videos else where. Or it will mean that only a select few will be able to monetize there videos. Which could be better for direct advertising. what do you think?
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