Really Hurting Duck #143 Ducks & Winter 2016-17

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  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Bless you for helping her out! Get well soon, little duck!
  • Shellarella reply 🙏🏻 for Limpy 💚🦆
  • Hippiewitch reply So glad you got Limpy in the bucket with epsom salts.. I think that will really make her feel better - nothing like a warm bath for a duck
  • StellyAndTheMonkey reply aww poor duckie :( its so swollen! Can't the fluid be extracted somehow to relief? hope for the best :)
  • jsnurfrnd reply Do you have help
  • jsnurfrnd reply Niiiice vid wish we could go back to living like this but not alot of people wanna work and boy oh boy work never runs out on a farm wow Salute to you sir i see you much respect dieabetise would runless in tjis tyoe of life style ,,tell me how different are those eggs from chicken eggs
  • Llabwons reply Matt......Check your PM's from L Spooner
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