Scooby Doo: Showdown In Ghost Town walkthrough part 1: Welcome To Town

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  • [ – ] Powerpuff reply WHAT A SMALL WORLD! I did some cleaning the other day and I found the disc for this game. I was obsessed with this game when I was younger xD I never got a chance to play the other stories, but I bet they're just a fun as Showdown in Ghost Town.
    • [ – ] gamemaster468 parent reply The only other one of these that I've played was "Jinx at the Sphinx." That one was pretty good too, from what I remember. Never got a chance to record a walkthrough for that one unfortunally. My recording software just refused to work on that game for whatever reason. Heck, it BARELY works on THIS game, as you can see. XD
      • [ – ] Powerpuff parent reply I tried to run the disc on my computer but it refuses to run (le sigh). I'm having a hard time remembering how I got this disc when I was younger. Did they release these Scooby Doo games in cereal boxes? I swear that's how I got mine xD Correct me if I'm wrong.
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