Educational channels leaving YouTube

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  • [ – ] TRIPTUBEtv reply It's almost dead but yet I feel the need to still make content for that site !!:(
    • crua9 parent reply I don't think it's realistic for it to completely die. After all, MySpace is still kicking and so is AOL. And personally, I don't want it to die. It's stupid to think this site wouldn't eventually have to become more corporate over time. The said thing on YouTube, since there was/is no real competition. YouTube can look at the bottom line on what makes them the most money, while screwing over everything else. Where as, if Vidme ever does become actual competition between YouTube. YouTube would have to start treating viewers, video makers, and the viewer/video maker relationship much much better (this is given Vidme isn't all about the money then) The thing to note, Vidme has to work on the foundation before it does a rapid growth. Once it does a rapid growth movement, they won't have time to make a lot of new features or iron out a lot of the bugs unless they get picked up by a parent company like Google. (they can put in the contract that Google has no say in how Vidme is run, so t...morehey can't wreck it like they done with YouTube. So it would actually be a good thing) But I wouldn't doubt there would be some infrastructure problems if they did a rapid growth to meet YT numbers. As far as their infrastructure. I don't understand why they are in the LA area. They can get better speeds at a much cheaper price by going to the east cost. In fact, 70% of all internet traffic in the world passes through northern Virginia. Here in NC, many of the major companies like Google has their data centers and stuff simply because price vs the overall speed they can get. I have no doubts in my mind, if they moved their operation out to the south east of the USA. Their money will go much further. In fact, there is a lot of editing houses, graphic houses, etc for major movies. They are moving somewhere in the south east of the USA because the cost of business is much cheaper here, and there is higher speed for the cost. But the movie houses are paying them the same. Some of the graphic houses owners said it's almost like getting a $300k bonus because of that. But ya, YouTube isn't going to die. So VidMe needs to focus on how they can make them into the next MySpace, by working on the infrastructure before they work on the growth.
  • DarkQuark reply As we have known it for years it is dying but it is reshaping itself. Soon there will be only a handful of "approved" content creators and YouTube will be the new cable box.
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply no
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