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DVDASA Sings "Hallelujah Jesus" (NSFW Version) by MANGCHI

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    Chill3dD3mon I liked the video but why did the girl decide to stip down to he panties?
    vinnyq WTF is rosebud??? where is DVDASA?
    Burtman DVDASA come back to me...
    illestrator i miss them so much
    ChocheDonofrio love it!!!
    maxmagraw Was that really played 158,000 times in the last 19 hours? Now they definitely have to bring DVDASA back with that much love. That was hilarious!!
    maxmagraw Um, Critter sniffed Steve's shirt where Asa's tit
    rd41983 This was awesome!!
    Couric "My pussy isn't shaved." I haven't laughed that hard in forever.
    jefeperro LOL everyone is pounding their hands over their heart.... except asa... she is pounding the wrong side... BWHAHAHAHA
    seattleone Thank you money mark & david choe. With moneys million dollar melodies and davids vision. The simple stevie mixtape has become one of the most important albums of the decade. Loved when asa sang this song first could see her heart reaching for the true white light. Way to twist it up making it nude.
    Trindle Thumbs up!
    samsamskies hahahaha my week just went from shitty to awesome in 3 minutes. D Choe fo life.
    maxmagraw More!!!
    DINCO06 poor Steebeeweebee probably choked it to death and look at Money Mark whiplashing hahaha
    dyllenger GAW DAMN she hot :) fine body
    dyllenger poor steve man :P
    colchristo Shit, if only i had invested on fb at the right time now Asa would be dancing on MY couch
    jloyd Nice
    plasticspine I'm an atheist because I'm not retarded but this still warmed my heart good job you guys mainly asa best Asian sex worker in history !!
    Spooky05 Fuck yeah!!! DVDASA
    Snake-Oil I know Asa's tits are all over the internet but when she took her top off to dance, pretty fucking hot.
    butmyhandsthough no colchristo you're not cool dude :/
    FatCobra ASA HAS PERFECT TITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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