Activision is Lazy: Featuring Call of Duty's Shaolin Shuffle DLC

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  • Spetsnaz_ reply I dont think 12 year olds know what facial expressions are 😂😂
  • [ – ] TheGamingCentaur reply I will admit, the fact this is no longer a Vidme exclusive, actually makes me worried about the future of the platform. I will say that CoD is starting to become more and more cheap as they rely more on reusing assets.
    • [ – ] Rerez parent reply It got so few views that I had to share it somewhere else. Even now less than 60 people have watched it. I don't mind supporting Vidme when I can but not at the cost of killing a video I want people to see.
  • dtm666 reply Is this a Playstation 2 game or something? Am I missing something here?
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