David Choe AMA: Carlton Dance

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  • Twerkenstein reply side note, I'm not asian....David Choe just acts EXACTLY how I would act if I wasn't a loser....I mean...I still act like that....but I wouldn't change for money
  • Twerkenstein reply "The Shore" being, "When Adverts become profitable enough to shut us weirdos out"
  • Twerkenstein reply HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! THAT'S GEOFFREY!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DAVID CHOE!!!!!!!!! YOU PROLLY PAID HIM 3 grand to do that!~!! ....Not a bad "Carlton" BTW..... IDK IF YOU READ THESE, BUT I heard you on Joe Rogan & You hit a nerve....I also hate how restrictive "Youtube" is, & I plan to ride this "Vidme" wave till it hits the shore
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