Jam to Slow Jazz in Dm Fm

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  • BibleandBlues reply I use Camtasia 9 for my editing. It has a pretty good method of removing the green and letting the background come through. lighting and what shirt I wear makes a difference in Green Screen work. Surprisingly a bright white shirt will cause my Logitech webcam to shift in response to it so I'll lose my background. Mostly it's trial and error.
  • BibleandBlues reply Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWX0SRS96xc
  • [ – ] drunkintheam reply In fact a entire walk through video on how you do the video background with green screen. It would help people like me, that have not figured it out yet. You have it mastered, looks frigging amazing!!!! I have used manycam for over a decade now, and using OBS Studio for DaCast and their green screen stuff is not as easy as manycam. I get stuck with new tech or software. I enjoy your content thank you.
    • BibleandBlues parent reply I commented above but thought it worth mentioning that Camtasia 8 it free now. I record using Window's movie maker then manipulate everything in Camtasia. I found recording directly into Camtasia an issue with sound. It will suddenly slow down a tick.. Not a problem when talking but it ruins a song. Another option is to record sound with Audacity then drop it in.
  • drunkintheam reply Hello good sir can you relink the fre3e animation on Youtube link please.
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