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  • Star_Wars6collector reply well that sure does not explain the Polar Shift, a Polar Shift is when the magnetic Poles adjust and recharge at the new poles, a Polar Shift lasts 12 full hours, the cycle is 3,600 and every 18,000 years the reset, and ice age or new positioning of the Poles is 6000 years out of the 18,000 years, the normal seasonal planet shift is 23.5, so during a Polar Shift like space gears in quantum space timing we tilt 23.5 more during a shift, fact mammoths froze 18,000 years ago in title waves, now when it comes to those massive sink holes those are indicators of the magnetic flux in land pressure drops, so those places are key indicators of places that will sink during the shift, so it was the end of the world for those whom lived along coast lines like 90% of the worlds population today, other indications are how the magnetic poles are moving towards Russia and the glacier ice shows you the path of the past that follows the same repeat, North America came out of there ice age 6,000 years ag...moreo, or 7200 to be precise, every thing goes into 18,000 years that is why your monuments from the past line up once again, The North America moves towards the equator Mongolia or the Himalayas become the New North Pole, other lands rise up from the oceans once again and other lands fall, during the Polar Shift there west coast opens up, there is another indicator on the ocean floor that also shows the directional shift, you will see line patterns and then they change direction, I am wise for a reason, look to the past and you know the future,
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