Epic speeches at Justice for Chelsey event in Sunderland. Filmed by Tommy Robinson. Periscope 29th April 17

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  • nogodinside reply It's when you know what you must do. And you know how to do it, but you fear the pain of setting things right. You fear it because you know that others will get caught in the cross-fire. The fear to step forward and out and to rectify the values of your way of life. And in the end I think that our four fathers didn't begin with steel resolve. But had the same journey we are having now. And in the end when you come to the edge of your fears, they just jumped. Just jump.
  • [ – ] CRS01 reply We have to keep our societies free . Free speech and intolerance of people who don`t want to adapt to OUR way of living . Love you Tommy :)
  • lewren reply Excellent !
  • MaitreMarkScully reply the tide is turning back, the people are seeing through the fake media lies. The world will be made sane again by good Christian folk.
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