Jeranism - Debunking His Flat Earth Lens Correction

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  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Followed. This flat Earth nonsense is getting ridiculous.
    • [ – ] The_Sad_Punk parent reply Cheers Jim. Believe it or not when I put this on YT a few months back Jeranism himself admitted his corrections were off but basically said "so what?". Then I had a bunch of his followers come and tell me I was a NASA stooge lol. There's not reaching these nuts.
  • Charlesott0212 reply What you don't see how a fish eye lens works. And how NASA puts out fake pics of earth and you believe it. What pisses me off !!! Is most laugh and think this is funny. But if you sit on your ass and not really look into this ! Sure it's all dumb and people who think the earth is not what we are told ? Well they are dumb also . You look at CGI and composite pictures ! Oh that's great and real ! NASA says we cannot leave low earth orbit ! Go to their website and see how many times they say this ! You got that pesky Van Allen radiation belt ! It will kill people and equipment that goes through it ! And then you should ask ? How they do it in a tin can back in the 60's ? But we been to the moon and went through that radiation no problem ! Then there is post when the astronauts were asked about the radiation belt ? They had no idea what it was ! But no ! Please keep up with your great intelligence and believe whatever they tell you. Even when they tell you the truth but your to dumb to see...more it ! And remember all !! There is a running reward for any person who could find the curvature of the Earth . And many have tried. Good luck with lies !!
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