Sonic the Hedgehog Graphical Evolution of Video Games (1991- 2016)

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  • [ – ] Vick-McBread reply Pretty good. You put effort and research in. upvote! Also this may be nostalgic for some, so good job on that.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Thanks man. I do my best to have the right information about what I'm doing. I'm glad it brought you nostalgia. That is the point. Thanks for checking it out!
  • [ – ] BENandM reply Pretty cool idea for a video, though I think it would benefit from some Sonic music instead of the current trance underlay. Just a thought! :)
    • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply hahaha yeah. I should have thought of that when I started the series. But that's what I've been doing now. I put the soundtrack of whatever game I'm showing as background music. It's way better. Thanks!
  • [ – ] redRomina reply This is so cool!
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