Vidme Community Game challenge Rush N Attack

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  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Dude! I remember this game! This was on Commodore 64 and I'm pretty sure this was the precursor to Contra.
    • [ – ] DGTLONE parent reply Idk about C64 but i remember it in the arcades spent a'lot of quarters on the and gauntlet. TY so much for watching
      • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply Commodore 64 was the PC before personal computers were mainstream and Hollywood wanted us to believe that having a keyboard and a monitor gave you the potential to be a hacker (which, according to those movies, meant you could alter the flow of space and time and create human females from barbie dolls and porno magazines apparently). You had these huge (literally) floppy disks and there was no operating system, you were basically working off of what was a pre-cursor to DOS. A lot of games that were on Atari could be found on the C64 as well as a lot of original games that only ever existed on C64. Not sure there are a lot of people who would even know what a C64 was, though.
        • [ – ] DGTLONE parent reply O i know what it is i owned one my first system was pong lol. my favorite system back then had to be the tandy trs80 . TY for the comment didn't think anyone else on here actually commented . Peace DGTLONE
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