How The Dinosaurs Nearly Survived

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  • [ โ€“ ] fancyfig reply but some dinosaurs did survive and we did evolve along side them, and not just any dinosaurs but the flying kind, and the ones with colorful fan tails, or eyes that can spot a rodent from half a mile away, or hydrophobic feathers and corkscrew genitalia, or ones that talk to humans in exchange for food, or waddle around in antarctica. dinosaurs are here and they're really cool.
    • [ โ€“ ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply You can't compare the ones who survived to the dinosaurs who were exterminated, as the ones which you reference most likely wouldn't have developed into the what we have today if they had to compete with the dinosaurs (who were wiped out) if said dinosaurs had had those millions of years to continue their evolution. By comparison, what you have stated is a realistic as saying "I can swim across the coi pond, therefore I could just as easily swim the ocean". Those who survived wouldn't even have been considered the B team in comparison to the apex predators that preceded them, never mind what those apex predators could have transformed into by the place in the timeline where humanoids are believed to have 1st evolved . Sadly, our ancestors would have been too busy running for their lives to ever harness fire or tie a rock to a stick. It is doubtful that mammals would have ever gotten the chance to evolve into what our ancestor's ancestors were, most likely possibility is that mammals ...moremight have gained a foothold in the coldest regions, where the conditions wouldn't favor the apex predators. My 2ยข
      • [ โ€“ ] fancyfig parent reply i'm not so sure. avian dinosaurs were already on a path to overtake pterosaurs as rulers of the sky, so without anyone to compete with but themselves they might have enjoyed nearly the same evolution. similarly, we don't find great tree climbing traits in dinosaurs, the tree tops were likely claimed by the mammals from very early on, and they might have carried on evolving into monkeys unchallenged. from there it's just a matter of coming down from the trees and adapting to the feathery world, which may require the same strategy we use in this timeline; brains, tools, and gross hairless bodies.
    • RichardWendling parent reply Proof of two Reptile species living side by side Thanks for all you do! The Famous are often slaves of or a party to this deception! We must get the word OUT! Illuminati Sunday and then Features Dee SNider Pink Floyd Two Suns In the SUnset Predictive programming Remember Thundarr The Barbarian? Well, I sure do! Watch as he shows the Reprilian Agenda He loves doing that! LORDS OF LIGHT!
  • yourvagismysafespace reply Should we worry about asteroids? Why bother, worrying never stopped anything from happening. When you consider the amount of time between the extinction of the dinosaurs & the earliest known humanoid, if their timeline hadn't been broken who could even begin to guess what their evolution would have gifted them with? If the animal from which we sprang(& that's going on the assumption that it's lineage had ever had a chance to survive and evolve) had to compete with dinosaurs, it would have devolved into a much smaller creature and split into two subspecies. The first would have tried living in the higher vegetation where the gliding/flying dinosaurs would have used them as a possible primary food source, & the latter would have turned to burrowing for safety. Or the most believable scenario is that our ancestor's ancestors would have gone the way of the do-do bird, & this question would never been posed.
  • John__Doe reply I'd like to think humanity would've found a way to survive alongside dinosaurs.
  • JustCrewzinAround reply It's unlikely because with the rise of the technology I'm sure in the near future we do have now a machine that can either deflect or destroy any upcoming meteor but that's just my theory. Well It would be cool to see a real life dinosaur especially if it becomes your pet. Just saying anyways this is another interesting video @FactFile Thanks! and expect more vidz like this to come :D
  • whako reply Would be pretty cool if we actually had a real life version of Jurassic Park tbh , hopefully not spreading out and killing everyone lol.
  • FunnyTang0 reply I'd hit the bell, but I'm afraid it might ring while I'm trying to watch the video.
  • akumie reply Fuck Youtube
  • Roamancing reply Fascinating. Thanks for this. I am a bit of a science nerd.
  • SpeakingOfGames reply That is woefully unlucky right interesting to think about what could have been had that meteor landed anywhere else
  • survivalist reply Dinosaurs never existed, earth is flat, nobody ever went to space, the iss is just a film set ..
  • SpeedyGaming reply I want a pet dinosaur, someone build a time machine!
  • VidPoet reply First dinosaurs and then ...humans ;)
  • medicenblink reply Who Sub x Sub?
  • MultiKillerjoe reply the dinosaurs didn't die jsut by asteroid it was the ice age and horny mammoths that killed the dinos off!
  • MyAbsurdum reply Had the asteroid crashed just a few kilometers away from the Earth's sweet spot, The Super Mario Movie could've been a reality.
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