Anti-immigrant Party Takes First Place In Sweden

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  • John_Sheppard reply the amount of countries that are hearing the MGTOW message is a testament to the fact that feminism is over.
  • Basstard1000 reply I hope Buzzfeed runs out of business.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Many companies wont turn to the right, they will pretend to be conservative.
  • davidmorris1914 reply Yeah, its near its end. Though, i dont believe 2020 will be the end of it. I think 2025 is more like the end of it. Still, it is dying and i am enjoying every minute of it.
  • Erik1 reply there is an even newer poll after the terror attack that shows 27.2% support for the Swedish Democrats.
  • Crime-Master-Gogo reply Mobile application of this site need to be updated to compete with YouTube.
  • GilbertJones1galicdragon reply As the road has a fork for the Fem, Soshil, Global turn left - road ends ahead; turn right Small Gov, MGTOW and life.
  • jesusdacreator reply Yes, many immoral politicians, jurist, lawyers, msm, academics, hollywood and the likes are overtly hostile towards citizens. They have a wrong understanding of truth, unity, peace, and love. I'm not easily fooled by chatting the words peace, safety, and love out of context.
  • Insidio reply 1.000.000 RAPE England 2016
  • Insidio reply RAPE Party in Sweden
  • [ – ] jesusdacreator reply False prophet Muhammad was a flesh-eating infection and many of his followers when saturated by reading original Islamic literatures become infected with the same bacterium. I don't accept that false prophet Muhammad was a man striving to live peaceably with his neighbors. Many Islamists are destroying our Western Protestant Christian Society.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply Defeat your inner feminist - Be a Man! as a t-shirt slogan
  • Dave8814 reply Liberals seemed shocked that this could happen in Sweden, and its not shocking at all. You can not expect a nation to sit back and embrace destruction. There is no way that an entire nation will go along with herd, some people will fight back even if it means they kicked out of society. Problem is it may be to late for Sweden, Germany is going to be a bloody mess and Holland and Beligium are just done.
  • Avuki reply Turn that peace sign around and flip off all of the Idiots in the government.
  • ProudAmerican reply Great news! I'm not Swedish but I dig their chicks. Hate to see them raped out of existence.
  • psalm1839 reply How you doing!
  • [ – ] deadpoolpanda reply Where is the video where your going to dox Jeff i really want to know you cry baby bitch! Why did you leave youtube you can't handle the shit you pathetic baby
  • cajunghost reply The SJW and Feminist movements are no longer what they originally stsrted out as. They morphed into hate groups. They need to die out. I hope the European nations can pull themselves out of the fire soon.
  • Dave8814 reply Just like Trump's win people will quietly vote while publically shaming the party they voted for.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply I find it contradictory when ANTIFA says that they are fighting for social justice, saying there for women's rights', Gay rights, while seeking the support of Islamist that would enslave women and set back human rights. This is an obvious contradiction of their message of equality and makes them look like morons. These types of contradictions run ramped throughout the entire movement, claiming they stand for rights while many of their action and tactics are disgusting and disrespectful actually delegitimize their message. ANTIFA has no clear message or goal other than making noise and interfering in other peoples education and freedom of expression. ANTIFA's message has come across they are goons that don't know what there fighting for.
  • Alien-vs-Preditor reply Not surprise. Trump saw it coming
  • [ – ] jp9605 reply SJWs shout racism and intolerance for not allowing immigrants into the country. Let me spell it out for them... not racism but economic stability. It is a matter of supply and demand really. For every immigrant taken, there is a demand for higher taxes to compensate for the amount brought into the country. How can a nation take care of immigrants when they can't even take care of themselves. To make matters worse, the vetting process is not even being enforced properly. Well said angry. I hear all the SJWs throw the word fascist around very loosely, but they do not really know the definition of the word. Mussolini stated that "fascism should be properly labeled as Corporatism because fascicism is the merger of state and corporate powers." This is central planning of the economy and diametrcally opposed to true capitalism.
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