Does Victor Love Yuri? - Yuri!!! On ICE

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  • HollyJolly reply Well this sure is one way to get me out of bed hahaha. While I can admit I see why one would think Viktor would base his decisions to benefit his coaching of Yuuri, you overlooked so many details that defines just why things happened the way they did and why Viktor acted like so in episode 7, which for some reason is the only thing you focus on. Viktor has never been a coach. Everything he knows he’s learn from being coached by Yakov. Episode 5 and episode 7 prove just how lil he knows despite his success in connecting and inspiring Yuuri to develop as a skater. After trying his best again and again throughout the episode (making him sleep a lil longer, banning jumps at practice to avoid feeling even more pressure, moving Yuuri out of the vicinity of people and trying to calm him down), he’s at a breaking point and goes to what he’s learned from having a harsh coach; he tries to encourage him to push forward by fear. He didn’t mean it at all, only wanting to finally get throug...moreh to Yuuri and help him, falling back to extreme tactics. As an added bonus, we learn that along with his inexperience in coaching, he has no idea how to comfort somebody crying. “I don’t know how to act when people cry”. Not that he has no compassion for Yuuri but socially he doesn’t know how to react. And with Viktor thinking about how he should’ve asked Yakov what to do, it’s him blaming himself for how Yuuri is feeling. It’s just one thought we get from him in that moment and it’s one where he admits to himself that he lacks the coaching experience that he thinks Yuuri deserves. The kiss can be easily linked back to his earlier questioning on how to console Yuuri. “Should i just kiss you?” His suggestion of a kiss is him trying to figure out what he would want to be consoled, being somebody who doles out and responds to physical action and affection. So seeing him race and kiss Yuuri at the rink exit is no surprise when you know that he is a person of action, not words. But that’s just episode 7. The answer to “Does Viktor love Yuuri” lies in everything we learned from Viktor post-kiss. The first 5 minutes of episode 10 can easily answer that question. We get a sudden POV change from Yuuri to Viktor and in this a revelation that for the first time in 20 years, Viktor has found what he calls “life and love”. And he attributes it all to Yuuri, his life and his love. Just the words themselves are profound by his face when thinking to himself is one of pure bliss. And jumping to episode 9 here but it’s just so obvious Yuuri means the world to him when he’s racing to embrace Yuuri at their airport reunion. He’s disheveled, tired and blurs out the rest of the world. Compare that to the tidy and well groomed, ball of energy that we are so use to. With the drama of Makkachin nearly dying, the 1-2 days he was separated from Yuuri caused him to feel low enough that he didn’t put on the cheerful facade he does so much. He’s doesn’t even pay attention to his dog once he locks eyes on Yuuri. The moment that happens he’s immediately out of his seat, rushing to the gate and never taking his eyes off him. And from what we learn from him saying he’s done a lot of thinking, he’s thought an awful lot about Yuuri while he was away, thinking of staying with Yuuri, never wanting to part from him. That revelation tied with the physical need to be with the other can speak volumes. But back to episode 10. Even after the engagement scene, we still get more and more proof that Viktor is enamored by Yuuri. And it’s the biggest revelation of them all when we learn that Yuuri was the one that came on to him first, at the banquet the previous season. In one night, Yuuri drunkenly made Viktor SWOON over him. We learn that it was not Yuuri that fell in love first but Viktor instead. Which in turn connects to just why he rushed to Yuuri to coach him in the first place after seeing that video. And to the story of the “On Love: Eros” program, where the playboy goes after the most beautiful woman only to leave her hanging in the end. We learn that Viktor was never the playboy. He was the one who was swooned in the end only to be left with those feelings when Yuuri is never seen again. So when you think of why Viktor could so easily pick up and leave to Japan, it’s no surprise. Cause this man was already, and still was, swayed by the allure of Yuuri Katsuki. It explains how forward he was in the first few episodes, his flirting, his confusion and disappointment when Yuuri brings up his wall. This man went to Japan not knowing Yuuri had forgotten and was determined to pick back up where they left off. To be the most beautiful woman and do her best to appease the playboy to stay with her. I’m not even gonna bring up episode 11 and 12 (do you want me to start crying cause then I’ll never finish this). Cause episode 10 was enough. So does Viktor love Yuuri? Oh, this man fell hard so long ago. He’s utterly in love. You don’t even need the extra info we learned from the creators (“"...they became too irreplaceable for each other...there was no way either Victor or Yuuri could just part as if it were nothing…”, “The ring Yuuri presented Viktor is also a proof of their status as soulmates.”) I need to go cry and swoon over my babies now….
  • Steph127 reply I never questioned their relationship because the dyanmics align very much with my marriage. My husband is very goal-oriented and discusses our home economy almost obsessively. He is only a few years older than these skaters and won't show any affection sometimes, but I have learned that he expresses his love by working hard for our family and motivating me to work hard as well. The idea is that love is about taking care of each other, not showing each other off or just physical attraction. Western media seems to focus on romance more than here. In YOI!, their relationship is--no surprise--very traditionally Japanese. Less lovey-dovey but more committed to their goals so that they can grow as both individuals and as a couple.
  • sadcats reply I've never seen YOI but I was really into this vid!! might have to watch now :)
  • msxblitz reply This was the most detailed analysis of this series I have ever seen. There were times where I was like "Oh shit. This makes sense..." From a male's POV, this definitely shows what this series can bring emotion wise. Excellent video!!!!
  • amytasukada reply I have to admit even though I'm a M/M writer I still haven't seen Yuri on Ice, but I heard tons of it from the BL club I joined. I still haven't watched it because I'm not big into sports anime. It was nice to see a different view on YOI. Awesome job getting me to think about this show more!
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