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  • [ – ] 04zaz reply Well I guess I have to watch this film now. Was Hesitant due to the nature of DC and their track record, but this makes me hopeful.
  • blazedu reply that was really fun and a great review. Love you guys :D
  • jmortonmarvel reply One of your best reviews yet
  • Giovanni4 reply Time to spend next 25 minutes watching the NC :)
  • techmespot reply Tamara is great :)
  • [ – ] SwordOfWords reply Before I watch this video, I want to say that I didn't like WW - I don't feel like she really sacrificed anything to bring victory, as the battlefield scene showed her using her magic unbreakable shield & bracers so she was never in any danger. I did like the villains though. There's this wonderful scene where the general tosses a gas grenade in a crowded room and drops one gas mask behind him before barring the door. Dr. Poison: The gas mask won't help! General: They don't know that! [Both break down in giggles]
    • SwordOfWords parent reply Some examples of real war heroes: * The Polish resistance fighter who let himself be captured so he could report on the conditions insider Auschwitz * The three Brazillian Smoking Snakes soldiers who refused to surrender in Italy, and who even the Nazis honoured after their death. * The Nazi fighter pilot who spared a damaged British bomber and escorted it home instead of shooting it down. * The RAF fighters who day after day, fought off Hitler's bombardment campaign against airfields and cities alike. Some were foreign pilots, who had fled the Nazi advance and saw it as the only chance of reclaiming their homeland. * The 9th and 12th Wehrmacht armies who in the closing days of WWII, evacuated civilians from Berlin as the Soviets advanced, so they had a chance at fair treatment under the Allies instead. * The 189 Swiss Guard who in their last stand, bought time for the Pope to be escorted to safety while they held off a horde of thousands. * Cpl. Leslie "Bull" Allen, a stretcher-bearer...more in the Vietnam War who time after time went into active engagements to retrieve the injured and the dying. None of these people had magic bracers, or shields, or were gods. They had one life, and they chose courage and duty over cowardice and survival. That's far, far more inspiring than seeing someone who never have been hurt doing it. In fact we see a bit of this in the film with WW's companions, who in their last moments embrace each other so they can die in each other's arms, but it's few and far between.
  • [ – ] StefanJenkins reply Hands up vidme bros who thinks the cinema should be cheaper so everyone can enjoy it!
    • FriendLikeMe92 parent reply So long as mobile devices are prohibited, I think everyone should have a chance. And if cinemas get cheaper, that itself will be a sign of a stabilized and equal economy. Areas that are expensive to live in actually have higher ticket prices.
  • [ – ] znushu reply I liked the wonder women movie but what I didn't like about it was how there was alot of anti-men spouting in it. I still like the movie though. It's a good flic
  • Kimota reply Thanks to these videos I don't have to watch that movie, like with Suicide Squad.
  • wenex reply The movie could have been pretty perfect, and it was until the endfight. I did not like the boring conversation during the fight and the boring music what made it like a bad b-movie. But I can recommend it because of the good other two hours.
  • Exist2Resist reply Wonder Woman = SJW Fem Nazi shit!
  • BrownGaijin reply This was the first DC movie that I genuinely liked.
  • YoBoyRyan reply This was a dope movie
  • IslandRiders_Garage reply Awesome channel! Hope you dont mind, I put you in my most recent video.👍
  • Arcadiassx999 reply Why cant i get any vid me videos to play? Someone leave a message for me. Thanks.
  • harleighwar reply once again another review on recent movies with little to comedy in it
  • vitamindubya reply It's pronounced fanT 4 stick
  • xenoborn reply i saw it.....it was not bad
  • Pidyohago reply Who knows Moomoo.io? Click on my pfp
  • poppyg reply Tamara is wonder women.
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