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  • Iorek_Vodatee reply I think kids are just too bored these days and follow the idol they find most meme-able
  • dtclarkey reply England is my city, London is my nation
  • [ – ] DatWhiteguyJ reply This is why I don't condone internet use for early teens and below. Seriously read a book that isn't Twilight or The Hunger games. Is Twilight still relevant? Wait. No. No it is not.
    • LunaSpiritFight parent reply As I teen I'd have to disagree. Yes I know fellow teens can be idiots on the internet like the ones in the video, I've experienced this kind of behavior first-hand, but it really depends on the teen. Some teens can handle themselves responsibly, others can't. But, then again, it's a good thing they are on the internet, they will learn. I had access to the internet at a very young age and I posted stupid crap like those girls and got pushed around a lot but I learned because of that and I feel like I have that experience to thank for why I am as mature as I am today. Hopefully, these girls will be given the same learning experience so they can stop those kinds of behaviors.
    • [ – ] Ireallyreally_Hategoogle parent reply The problem isn't the internet, the problem is Jake Paul and he worked for Disney, not the internet.
  • [ – ] SmolBeanKatie reply And I ain't talking book
  • Singitqueen reply I don't think kids under 13 should be allowed to watch YouTube videos. Sadly, no one listens to the rules, and YouTube thought it was a good idea to CATER to these young kids, breaking their own rules. It's shameful. But hey, Jake Paul makes money off of his 9 million subs which means so does YouTube. If you can't make money off of your good creators, then break rules to make money off of ad revenue from kids who make things worse.
  • MistaSEEtheENFORCER reply Damn these lil nikkas wild
  • LunaSpiritFight reply And people wonder why I have no friends that are my age... this is why. The level of intelligence of the people supporting Jake Paul is just sad and the fact they'd get so upset over a silly video and the fact Jake Paul is childish enough to condone it is also very sad.
  • Freddy_Altina reply Love your face!!!!!!
  • Murvelgaist reply These kids are all homeschooled?
  • Ireallyreally_Hategoogle reply To know the level of intelligence, just look at the president of the U.$. That's what the uneducation system produces.
  • Ireallyreally_Hategoogle reply The best part is the Jake Pualers that like Jake Pual. They are such good fans that they can't spell his name right.
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