Trump is going to get us all killed, please won't someone think of the children!

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  • AaronPB1 reply Trudeau is such a joke as a leader. He seriously needs to stop smoking weed and get fucking woke .
  • Shinsha reply Go Trump! Soroscrat tears everywhere.
  • Wilson_Report reply expand (possible spam) Thank God! This cruel joke of a world comes to an end! Sarcasm aside, thanks for the level head report on global politics.
  • [ – ] nanabaakan reply Nobody should have nuclear weapons and to look away from the roughish behavior of the US over it long history of war, is disingenuous. The US also gave nuclear weapons to Pakistan.. to fight against India... you know the whole issue around Kashmir.
    • [ – ] BourbonandBullets parent reply Every major power, and most of the minor ones have a long history of war, the U.S's history on that score is actually fairly limited compared to China, Russia, Japan, India and so on. The U.S however, is unique in the modern era for rebuilding the countries it fought, look at the success of Germany and Japan. The U.S did not give nuclear weapons to Pakistan, Pakistan developed nuclear weapons in response to India's nuclear weapons' program. And their conflicts were not, "the whole issue around Kashmir," it's about the 1947 partition Hindu/Muslim animosity, of which the Kashmir region has just become the major flashpoint. You should learn some history before commenting on it.
      • nanabaakan parent reply So I went to find "some" history on Pakistan and it's nuclear program. Thought I'd share. Pakistan’s Alleged Nuclear Umbrella Various reports indicate that Pakistan has joined the United States in offering to use its nuclear weapons to shield allies against nuclear threats. In Pakistan’s case, these countries include the six Arab members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), especially Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is said to have funded Pakistan’s continued expansion of its nuclear stockpile in return [18] for a guarantee that Pakistan would provide Saudi Arabia with a weapon or a nuclear shield in the case of Iran getting a bomb. Therefore, Pakistan’s nuclear program is not only a cause of instability in South Asia; it also makes the Middle East much more dangerous. There is no guarantee that Saudi Arabia may not try to secretly acquire a nuclear weapon from Pakistan no matter what Iran does. The Wall Street Journal reported[19] that Saudi Arabia all but expects Pakistan...more’s instant support in the nuclear field whenever needed.
      • [ – ] nanabaakan parent reply Well, you have just unloaded an indictment on humanity, because if Every major power has a long history of war, then man's inhumanity to man is ubiquitous and ageless, so why is that? As far as Pakistan is concerned, my question to you is, why hasn't the US given them the blues about their nuclear weapons, or India or Israel? Why does the US pick and choose whom they think should or should not have nuclear weapons? If I am incorrect about how Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons, then I stand corrected, however, you have to admit that as long as a major or even minor power is willing to deal their cards the way the US says they should, then they will ignore their complicity and their atrocities, correct or would you say no. What about Saudi Arabia? I responded to your video because I can, and if you feel someone should have a mastery over every historical fact before commenting, then you may have fewer comments. But this platform has a comment section, maybe you should post a disclaimer, ...more"don't comment until you learn "some" history. Hmm. Have a nice day!
        • [ – ] BourbonandBullets parent reply Pakistan became a Cold War ally of the U.S when India pursued relations with the Soviet Union. That allegiance has been severely strained since the end of the Cold War in 1991, as Islam has taken precedence over secular politics. The same can be said for Saudi Arabia and their human rights record. However, in case you missed it, Pakistan is not threatening the U.S or its allies, it is in a nuclear stand off with India, and India is pursuing better relations with the West, which allows for more diplomatic options than there were in the past. Also, Pakistan is not a brutal dictatorship that enlsaves its population. The U.S sponsored the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but just like the no nothing media I talk about, I suppose you'd rather the world abounded in nuclear weapons, cause its the U.S and Trump who are the real meanies. You're not a master of every historical fact, you're just an unread, unlearned, product of public schools.
          • [ – ] nanabaakan parent reply Um, you must really think that I went to public school, well, you are incorrect, I did not, in fact, I am an avid reader and researcher. You my friend, are uninformed about my background and what I know or how I was educated. Hmm, and so you are aware that Pakistan colluded with the US during the early days of the Iraq war? Perhaps? And even if they do or do not have a brutal dictator what gives another country the right to circumvent another's sovereignty? What if China decided that the US had a brutal dictator? would that give them the right to foment a war against the US? Push the UN to sanction a No-Fly zone over the US? Arm the "rebels" in the US to fight against their government? Hire mercenaries from all over the globe to come here and fight along side the rebels? Drug up the mercenaries to the point where they are beheading American citizens with impunity? Train the mercenaries to be even more vile? What gives one the right to say who can have nuclear weapons and who cannot? ...moreWho determines that right of passage? The US is very selective about who they WILL ALLOW to have nuclear weapons and who they will not allow to have them. Yet they are the only ones who dropped two bombs on an innocent population in Japan. what was that all about and why was that necessary. And we won't talk about who they target with sanctions and even war when that country decides to give up the petro-dollar, i.e., Qatar, Libya, Iraq (where no WMD's were found yet an illegal war against them was waged) and Japan (remember that earthquake?) Today, people in the US want their guns. The government wants to take them away. On a smaller scale it's the same difference. How can the US validate its war mongering all over the globe and in the same breath say that American citizens cannot or should not have guns? How many US military bases are there in other people's countries? How many military bases from other countries are in the US? Why does the US have such a double standard? It always amazes me that folks think that the US has the right to go around policing the world. You my friend have no idea what I know or don't know, but maybe you can sit there and speculate if it makes you feel smarter.
            • [ – ] BourbonandBullets parent reply Okay you didn't go to public school, you just sound like it. Yes Pakistan is still technically an ally of the US, we're all aware o that, they're also an Islamic Republic who harbor terrorists. Oh you read, who, Harry Zin, a researcher, pffft, in what sociology, women's studies, don't make me laugh. Your tiresome moral relativism betrays your very limited educational background. The U.S doesn't have a brutal dictator, it never has, it's provides more foreign aid than any other country. It's a free, democratic society with guaranteed rights. Not to mention, China wants more than anything to sell to the world's richest market. But oh yeah, North Korea's totally on par with the U.S, sure let them have nuclear weapons- this, (to my dear viewers) - is the mind of someone who voted for Obama.
              • nanabaakan parent reply You are lost in so many assumptions. It's really hard to have an intelligent dialogue with you, so I won't go any further. That Last assumption about voting for Obama made me LOL, you really are in the wrong ball park, with that one. Take care, my friend, and open your eyes.
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