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  • gmak2012 reply What plots by the "alt-right" have been foiled by the FBI in the USA? News to me.
  • [ – ] jaymosen reply I'm sick of all these white supremacist cucks in Europe thinking they're so damn special. When will they learn that the vast majority of the economic migrants don't even really want to be there and hate everything about them? They have absolutely ZERO respect for your countries, people, culture, infrastructure, etc. They want welfare and sharia law and that's IT. The native women are all sluts who deserve to be raped and stoned to death in their eyes. The men are all pussified infidel cucks (not 100% untrue) and also should be stoned to death in their eyes. Even the "moderate" muslims just want to take over and be ruled under a caliphate, even if they don't openly admit it. Fuck that whole ancient pedo pillager cult. I say ban them all and let them kill and rape where they belong. BTW, WTF are troops accomplishing in the middle east besides wasting more and more of the tax payers money? The US has spent almost $2 TRILLION already for the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. If a...morenything, soldiers should be transporting the migrants from their no-go zones back to where they came from, or (if a country really wants to continue draining their economy) soldiers could help them build their own cities somewhere in the Middle East. Middle Eastern countrymen should be more than happy to take them in if they are all such righteous Allah fearing people. These cowards in Europe are so afraid of being called racist that they won't even so much as cut off their welfare so most of the religion of peace will deport itself. It's as if they would rather see their all their women and children get raped and killed one by one while Cenk tells them they are Nazis if they have the slightest complaint. But hey, let's look at the bright side: AIU will always have new material and job security (at least until the entire world is ruled by communism and/or sharia law or the entire internet is dominated like how it is in China). I don't even know if this momentum towards global authoritarianism is EVER going to stop. Even when these countries find themselves completely broken, they still might not stand up for themselves. Notice how the overton's window has already shifted from Obama having to adamantly deny being socialist to Bernie straight up admitting it? Next is the popular candidate who openly admits to being a commie and virtue signaling about antifa. It's like we are currently living the movie Idiocracy, and Skynet is unstoppable if the sheep can't even deal with being called names. I really hope I'm just being overly black pilled by the world and things start getting way better.
    • [ – ] cccccccccccoccc parent reply Calling Europeans "white supremacists" is like calling Japanese "yellow supremacists". Every nation has the right to supreme rule in its homeland. The problems Europeans face are vast, and most of them come from the native populations not understanding what is being done to them. Eventually we will wake up and have support to do what is necessary to preserve ourselves, but until then we have no weapons, we get jailed for disagreeing with the government and the muslims rule supreme in the prisons. A British guy was killed in prison for putting a bacon sandwich on the steps of a mosque. He achieved nothing and was killed for it. Collapse will come, and at that people we will be able to fight. But at the moment not everyone who restrains themselves is a cuck.
      • jaymosen parent reply You make very good points, but when I say white supremacist cucks, I'm being half tongue-in-cheek and half serious about the "supremacist" part. I mostly say it because it gets euro cucks attention and I really hope that maybe it can help a few people wake the fuck up to what is going on and stop the madness. I really don't care what any individual thinks about who's better at what, as long as they don't take part in ruining everything around them. I'm talking about all the native Europeans who do things like vote for Macron in France or Merkel in Germany. They seem to think that they are so much better that they can take the never ending hordes of rapefugees in and that they'll just look up to them, assimilate and pick their fruit and scrub their toilets or whatever. I would never call Japanese people supremacists or cucks because I respect them for not ruining their own country and their own children's future. I'm saying any native who doesn't think they should deport every single da...moremn one of them is a cuck with their head way up their own ass. Now acid attacks on women for not wanting to put out to these monsters is very common in England from what I hear. So even after the child prostitution rings, bombings, stabbings, trucks of peace, rape gangs, no-go zones, etc. you think just complete economic collapse is what's going to suddenly uncuck everyone enough to kick ALL of them out? What if there's mass stockholm syndrome and it never happens? What if the economy is so fucked at that point that you won't even have a proper military force to carry something like that out? Tommy Robinson is very brave for speaking out against Islam and he has to deal with a lot of shit for it, but he's not in prison as far as I know. I really wish there was more men like him.
  • thecam3l reply What do you say to people who just instantly talk about bombs being dropped on innocent civilians in iraq and afghanistan when something like this happens? Like it should be in someway expected, like it's justified that innocent people are getting run over in the streets. Using that statement - "looks like the war has come home." It makes me sick but I don't know what the fuck to say to these people.
  • cccccccccccoccc reply Not all Nazis kill people but Nazism is bad because it's a supremacist ideology. Not all muslims kill people but Islam is bad because it's a supremacist ideology.
  • cccccccccccoccc reply White people are being replaced in Europe and in the USA. @-9:20 Jenk says that to oppose this genocide is loathsome.
  • Zamuroy reply holy hell, what a bunch of incoherent rambling (cenk of course not devon)
  • malphius reply Genk actually had some reasonable tidbits here. Maybe he's slowly coming to his senses.
  • malphius reply I'm actually impressed that Genk gave props to the FBI instead of going on about setting up fake terror plots etc...
  • rubbishycrap reply Genk 'full of shit' Uygur.
  • Endommageur reply Lol I fucking love the Regressive Agenda poster. It's so great. Thanks Devon <3
  • gmak2012 reply The core ideology is embraced by all Islamicists, not just the exxtremists. That is why "normal" Islamicists become radicalized so easily.
  • gmak2012 reply Extremism is OK if there are celebrities in the group. snort.
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