Franny Doesn’t Understand How Legal Immigration Works

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  • blazedu reply How hard is it to understand that emigrating to the US is not owed to anyone but instead a privilege? Unlike the stupidity of the recent immigration in the EU, the US is still smart enough not to allow potential terrorists in just because they say they are refugees.
  • SometimesBytes reply Great video but I think the way you start off the video is very off putting to some people, and it doesn't really fit with anything else you said in the video. In politics you have facts and opinions, in this video you focused on the facts which is great but in the beginning you said "leftist don't understand or don't wish to understand that the immigration issue is actually really simple" which is a statement entirely based on your opinion and not fact. Their is nothing wrong with doing this but I think it leaves the impression on people that this video is going to be more about opinion and less about facts. I'm a liberal democrat and I actually love this video since it does a great job at explaining to people why some of the restrictions we have on immigration are completely necessary.
  • ComputingForever reply Thank you to those who've donated recently, much appreciated. Cheers for all the great engagement lately guys
  • Muddywaters reply Just who is this twaddle marketed to? Are people that ignorant that there is a perceived market? Or is this just another level of propaganda from the globalists designed to undermine individual countries much like the global instigation of communist Antifa is to fight imaginary nazi's everywhere or the infusion of Islamic refugee's across the west to destabilise societies? What good will the money be to you Franny when the society you're in no longer exists?
  • ExitToShell reply There's a name for people like her, they are called Useful Idiots. People to dumb/clueless to know what is really going on that can be exploited to support your anti-American cause.
  • [ – ] DarwinYCV reply Fucking hard to understand how systems works,, I got kick out (Deported) 2010 I came back 2015 as a permit resident 😎 became US Citizen, now I got my own trucking company,
    • CryptoAndMarkets parent reply Great point. I'm a 1st generation Greek Canadian myself. My grandfather had to establish himself here first by getting a job and buying a triplex. My grandma and her kids (my father and uncle) had to wait 4 years after roots were established to come. Now the kids in this situation both have good kids and raised families here, go figure
  • [ – ] EquallyWorthless reply I hate the weasel words and phrases like "undocumented immigrant". You would say undocumented somewhere like court, but outside of that it's just to make it seem not as bad. "Illegal immigrant" is a perfectly fine descriptor. They are immigrants that did so illegally. It says nothing about the person other than that one specific attribute. It's beyond political correctness, and now just straight-up malice directed towards a country.
    • [ – ] vanners parent reply Technically they should be referred to as "illegal aliens" because of you are in a foreign country illegally you are not a immigrant at all. The term was used as the first step in leftist media propaganda to change people's thinking, the next change is to replace the term "illegal" with "undocumented", and lastly to just drop the adjective altogether. It's pretty scary to think how far the left got before we noticed an started pushing back. Language shapes thought, control people's language and you manipulate their thought process.
  • Leadhead reply Why is the left so fucking stupid. Illegal immigration is, well... illegal. If your family is American, or if your born in the US, your an "American", and only you have that right. Anyone else on the planet are not owed American entry let alone citizenship. Fuck, leftists are so fucking stupid, damn.
  • JadeJicama reply Dave Cullen covered Franny Fanny again? Has the world gone mad?
  • GeorgeMcGee reply Open borders should mean people who want to leave can go. I support deporting everyone who does not love America. Starting with anyone who takes the oath and is proven in court to have broken it. Goodbye Obama.
  • c_arnold03 reply I've never understood the definition of immigrant to be a good thing as it's synonymous with invader. I have no understanding as to how a definition referring to invasive plants came to be applied against humans and seen as a good thing, but that's probably due to general ignorance of the English language.
  • yurisuika reply I'm a free state! No walls can bind me!
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