Tesla vs Zukerberg vs A.I. bots of extinction

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  • [ – ] Sand-Grain reply We'll we all become MATRIX?? Descartes predicted it in his book the 'First Meditation' he called it the evil demon, a hypothesis that the perceived world might be a comprehensive illusion created to deceive us.
    • McZarina parent reply WOW!! You are well informed, because you read so many books... Cogito ergo sum, Descartes compared to philosophy in the Matrix trilogy, rationalism, perception of the world, systematic in the 1600's Philosophy and the Matrix - Descartes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEr8hnvzeHU
    • Ennya parent reply Star Trek's writer Gene Roddenberry predicted a lot of the thing we use these days, from Phaser, Universal Translators, Communicator Badge, iPad, IPhone etc.. .
  • StatsChew reply Pow, the blast was funny!!! LOL BTW I found all of these videos posted on facebook... oh the irony!!
  • Ennya reply So far, I think Mark Zuckerberg is a robot already! :)
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