Pledge Drive August 2017

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  • Agent19 reply Since VonHelton is your name, you may want to file a police report for identity theft.
  • watertiger reply since you are a disabled veteran you can get support from the V.A. that is what I do. I get support from the V.A. The government will help you they help me there are lots of benefits for disabled veterans,
  • [ – ] Hauntslash reply I reported that account with the fucked up name, Von. It's the same person that did it to Brett on his Vidme channel. That is way beyond trolling to make an account like that.
  • [ – ] Palosrob reply Lindsay Buckingham, not Graham!
  • Trx125 reply great background the good old days
  • watertiger reply I am not sure when you served but I am a Cold war vet and there are lots of programs for honorable discharged veterans. Just go to your local V/A let them know you are a disabled vet and they will give you a monthly check depending on the severity of your injuries.
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