5 True Mentally Unhinged Reddit Stories

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  • [ – ] Killerpez1093 reply Dude! I love horror. Thank you for following me so I could find you :)
    • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply And thanks for upvoting my comment on the Keem video so I could find you. I have a few interesting projects that I'm working on and even though they aren't blatant horror, they do have horror undertones or are horror inspired. It will require some voice actors, so I'll definitely keep you in mind if you're at all interested.
      • Killerpez1093 parent reply If you want me as a voiceactor for ya. Give me credit in the video I will be in and also. Contact me on instagram if you want to tell me a script or something Follow me on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/killerpez1093/
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