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  • MrCreepyPasta reply What's kind of heartbreaking Focus_Entertainment is that that's already happened. Rob Dyke has mentioned it a lot. He's worked with his contacts in YouTube. And we have nothing but the straight answer. "Horror isn't as friendly"
  • spookyboo reply Yes, it truly does stink what YouTube is doing. I'm no longer subscribing to new people on YouTube and focusing everything here. Patreon has been known to do the same thing so I don't trust them much either.
  • Lustful_Sheep reply Oh your over here now cool following you.
  • MissAmanda90 reply I'm so tempted to go on a YouTube strike because all of my favorite narrators are being screwed!! At least most of you have come somewhere else that I can't get your content still
  • Union357 reply Jesus YouTube finally went full all sensitive mode. Any thing with horror or killer or whatever so "triggering" word, YouTube just says "F" u, no monetization for you. I feel bad. And hope u prosper well on Vidme.
  • Focus_Entertainment reply You know man, if someone in your position, as let's face it THE top man in your game, was to boycott YouTube there's no doubt in my mind that a huge amount of people would follow you over to Vidme. Like for real man I really think you've inspired and continue to inspire a lot more people than you even realise, myself included. I understand why that's completely not feasible for you to just quit on your main income like that, but mmaannn, wouldn't that just be a huge "fuck you" to YouTube if even just a few of the big guns with large followings just up and quit suddenly?
  • RavenRedfern reply So, are you quitting YouTube or are you just going to branch out and find alternatives to keep the cash flow as steady as possible?
  • ZambonieDude reply You should promote your Channel on Other sites like Vid.me as a means of gaining support & generating revenue. Because I had no clue you had a Vid.Me account, it was promoted and i instantly followed.
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