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  • ParaGirlStories reply This is why I've come here
  • JamesBarnes reply About time youtube fascists die....
  • [ – ] Exoticbat reply Political correctness has brought a shitstorm
    • TheUnderNetwork parent reply This is why I have to hold back from uploading videos for this very reason because of the massive censorship. I am updating my discord just in case.
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply My YouTube channel got shut down..they made out it was "nudity " but I believe it was because of my opinions on what they call "conspiracy " but we all know is the truth they don't want out. They still refuse to have it back. It's good to have vidme. Your video is great
  • [ – ] Kaiservadin reply UN the most safe thing to do is to upload to your website.
    • TheUnderNetwork parent reply That is what I am intending to do. A major issue with Vidme is that they lowered how many videos you can upload now. About 50% of my videos are going to get deleted for this reason. It is taking effect this month.
  • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 reply ADL is patrolling YouTube now, these pesky goyim need to get dealt with :-P
  • TheUnderNetwork reply I uploading videos to my website from now on please bookmark it and please subscribe to my newsletter. I will do the best I can to upload my content there on a daily basis. I have just been too busy and the JewTube censorship is making it nearly impossible to share my videos at all.
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