Net Neutrality is dead!

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  • [ – ] halfasheep reply Youtube has gone SJW. SJWs don't like free speech. Stalin would be proud of Youtube right now.
    • Magicslayer parent reply To true. Any opposing opinion is silenced and punished. The bad thing is, they don't realize that it won't stop at just what they disagree with.
  • [ – ] TerloriaKP reply also that blacklisting feature been in the algerithem for a good 3 months now and channels hit with this blacklist never recover from it
    • Magicslayer parent reply I can see that. There are so many things that can damage a channel with no recovery. I didn't realize they are already using this algorythm, I thought we still had a couple of weeks. ^_^
  • [ – ] TerloriaKP reply "we are their fuel with us they have no rule"
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