Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero - English Fandub - Episode 8 - The Game Masters Appear!

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  • [ – ] AugiAguto reply 😱 I'm actually running out of things to say for this series... which is really depressing. It's episode 8. Okay here goes.... It was AMAZING!! Everything looked perfect!! The voices worked really well and intrigued me and I felt like I knew the characters more.The new editor did really well! Also, say hello to them for me ^-^ everything was synced up really well and the episode didn't have a slow pause I love how everyone can sound just like the actual English dub characters... Oh! And the soundtrack! It's so awesome! I'm so excited to have heard what I believe is some new pieces in this episode (if not, I've been gone for some long three weeks...). I'm happy to see that, so far, nothing else has gone bad as well! You guys are all still holding strong! Keep up the awesome work, everyone at Team Millennium Official!! And good luck with the works in the future! Keep staying AWESOME, everyone!! 😁
  • redconvoy reply STOP APOLOGIZING YUGI!!! Tell Miho to practice more! XD Good job guys!
  • [ – ] VexatronPrimal reply .... i still hate Miho so~ much. It's like what if Honda never had the guts to ask Jonochi and Yugi to help him confess his love and get shot down.
  • [ – ] VexatronPrimal reply Hells to tha ya! Its back B***hes!
  • eatsik reply New theme!
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