Is Jordan Peterson A Christian?

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  • [ – ] Jaymz84 reply What a 1 dimensional analysis of a scholar, a revered contributor to academia & intelligencia. A man with an extremely high IQ who isn't afraid to push controversial topics, breaking down the idealistic, racist bullshit of the regressive left with pragmatism--- IN PERSON at his university. Not hiding behind a YouTube screen. He's written great books, and if you had not cherry picked this one unflattering video where he loses all credibiltiy in your eyes because he doesn't flat out deny Christianity---- you'd look less foolish making this video. He is on such a higher intellectual level than you and your average youTube Skeptic, it's no surprise his Patreon reflects it. I like your videos, but you are simply not on the level of a scholar like Jordan Peterson. His education level, his intelligence, his publications, his credentials. There's no mysterious reason why people "ride his dick", your homo-erotic equivalent of "admiring intelligent contributors". Do you dick ride Hitc...morehens & Harris? Go watch more Jordan Petersons videos before you pigeon hole based on what is bascially the only unflattering video I've ever seen on Peterson.
    • [ – ] Igbon5 parent reply There are countless people at and from universities that are full of shit. All religious scholars for example. There is no immaterial realm, no conscious separate from brains or some material construct. None. We do no somewhat what we are capable of. Not flying is one. Not jumping 100 feet in the air is another. Not running a 1 second mile is another, and so on. If you believe in life after death you are an idiot.
      • [ – ] Jaymz84 parent reply You are obviously completely unfamiliar with Jordan Peterson. He's not well-known or famous because he's "from a university". You can disagree with views on Christianity, and that's fine----- but he's not a theologist, and his fans don't like him because of his ideas on Christianity (which is, in actualiy, a very agnostic & non traditional religious view--- which I don't care about. The height of atheist self-righteousness is their 1-dimensional character judgements on anyone with a sense of spirituality. He's most well known for his highly intellectual, scholarly opposition to regressive dogma & post-modernism. If you want to see him discuss religion/science in an intelligent manner, rather than the cringe worthy cherry picked clip Devon found god knows where, listen to him speak here: You can then tell me if you think your listening to an "idiot" or not.
        • [ – ] Igbon5 parent reply These comments are appearing in reverse order I think. This is the third one I finished watching the link you gave. I had already seen it. Interesting waffle. Is there any difference between the notions explored by Peterson and those explored by the Ancient Greeks? Greek tragedies, Greek philosophy, Plato, Socrates, Euripides and so on? Truth, archetypes, mortality? Christianity adds little extra. Trying to redefine god as what transcends you knowledge is bogus. That is not what god is. Peterson made a lot of unsubstantiated claims in that speech. As I said, good waffle, but nothing substantive about the truth of religion or god. So I'll change idiot, to sophisticated idiot.
          • [ – ] Jaymz84 parent reply Arguing for the existence of god is always going to be a losing argument. I didn't mean to link that to you as an example of his "best work"---- it just shows him discussing religion in a more profound manner than the video AIU shared, which makes him look like a total bumbling fool. These types of topics have been discussed to death in ancient philosophy--- it's hard to break much new ground here, even if these are his original thoughts. The best of Peterson comes from his critiques of post-modernism & the radical leftist ideologies festering in academia across the West. I wouldn't call philosophizing on spirituality and the role of humanity in the universe his strong point. It's like listening to a clip of Richard Dawkins dictate economic policy--- then concluding he's a bumbling idiot with no use to the world because he did it poorly... ignorant of the fact that his real contributions are to Evolutionary Biology and Atheism.
            • [ – ] Igbon5 parent reply Do you have a link to anything where he is criticizing post modernism. I appreciate what you are trying to say, however Peterson himself seems quite certain of his position on God and Christianity. He hasn't elucidated very well just what that position is but he has claimed quite strongly that they do exist. He says he can reconcile being a scientist and being a Christian as well, without showing how, because they can't be reconciled. Does Dawkins ever speak with such certainty about economic policy? I would think that if he did he would qualify his remarks. Again, however, Peterson has obviously thought a lot and has a good position relative to some things. I would like to hear some arguments against post-modernism.
              • [ – ] Jaymz84 parent reply Dawkins example was just an arbitrary, hypothetical example--- that never happened as far as I know, but in actuality he's distinguished and brilliant enough to capture my interest on just about any topic! I have to run--- but if I recall, Joe Rogan had a good podcast from him - here's a clip. Both Joe Rogan podcasts with him are amazing but they are very long - 877 and 958. Joe Rogan Podcast w/ peterson - Post Modernism #958 To get a taste-- a clip of a few of their favorite "peterson movements" - I have to run, but if you want to see why he's respected - Youtube search Jordan Peterson + Postmodernism, white privilege, Marxism, and check the related videos. He's had so many speaking engagements and so many lectures as a professor there's a huge supply of his speaking online, and within-- some well thought out, intelligent ideas worth sharing & listening too. You'll change your mind on him...more if you give him a chance.
        • Igbon5 parent reply Oh my god. The first thing I hear in the link you left is "the hubris is, we know everything, there is nothing that needs to be left outside of what we know. That's what god is, god is always whats outside of what you know" I will watch the rest even though I think I already have seen most of it, however, he is off to an awful start. There is no such hubris in science. Everybody knows we don't and probably can't, for a a variety of reasons, know everything. Kurt Gödel showed one aspect of that. This is just disingenuous and wrong. Then, god. Outside what we know. That is either just a god of the gaps argument or merely incoherent nonsense. Any way, so far so bad.
        • Igbon5 parent reply I am not completely unfamiliar with Peterson. I heard him speaking out against the gender pronoun nonsense. Good. I heard him speak to Sam Harris twice and I have seen a few of other bits and pieces. I phrased it the way I did because you said, "a scholar, a revered contributor to academia & intelligencia". Sounds like 'at or from a university' to me. But, it is irrelevant. I don't care if that's not what you meant. My point remains the same, no matter why he is well known. There are countless well known people that are full of shit. Peterson is not 'full' of shit, but the if he holds beliefs in the supernatural, that to me colors his overall knowledge. If you will believe that crap you will believe anything. I will check out the link you left to see if he can redeem himself. Before that though, know that I firmly believe that ALL people contributing to the contusing existence of supernatural bullshit, including religion, are responsible for maintaining a structure that allows the wo...morerst in the modern world to perpetuate. All religious extremism, Sharia law, Christian fundamentalist school and home schooling, creationism, Islamic terrorism, the Westborough Baptist Church. All that stuff that is informed by and supported by the edifice of religious belief. Without that edifice being provided with oxygen and nutrients by so called moderates and other religious apologists, the whole edifice would come crumbling down. But no. The moderates and the wankers continue to provide the structure that enables the evil. Apart from being simply wrong. And, pretending to have a sense of spirituality does not give you leave to spew forth any incoherent gibberish. And, I will turn the self righteous thing right back on you, as a corollary. Just because someone can in fact issue forth this incoherent gibberish does not entitle them the the label 'spiritual'. That is just a sneaky way to try and justify more errant churnings of an ignorant 'subjective' mind. Claiming people like that are more spiritual than atheists is arrogant foolishness.
  • Igbon5 reply So what if the world is strange. Jump off a 10 story building and fly? Fly? No, splatt. No matter how weird seeming consciousness is, it won't now, never has and never will prevent the splatt. It can't. And, after the splatt, and there are bits of brain everywhere, there will be NO consciousness. Bullshit about consciousness is just that, bullshit. It always has been and always will be. There is no magic.
  • Halifax_Shadow reply Everyone sub here to Devon
  • frbe0101 reply he is a tradcon peice of shit and people only like him because he challenges feminist.
  • Johnny_Depth reply Jordan isn't a literal retard, but he displays many of the characteristics. And his cult members display all the requisite characteristics of willing Kool-Aid drinkers.
  • Leitis reply You sound jelly.
  • bingow reply @Atheism-is-Unstoppable while I disagree with Dr. Peterson on religion, he's still very intelligent, funny and entertaining indeed and worth all that Patreon money. His ideas on god are pretty unorthodox, you should check out more of his videos.
  • Averanian reply Man you are cringe af Roo. You know so little about psychology you did not even bother to consider that maybe Peterson is referencing something established before and something he talked about before (conscious birth & death etc); you try to mock the way for your victory in such a complicated topic by hideously cherry picking segments of the video, making shitty jokes at them, and thinking that if you and your crony atheists laugh hard enough at it you will win. You clearly improvised on the go and did not watch the whole video first before to get a feel for the type of argument he is making. You live a sad life, and you embarrass yourself with this shit content, like every other atheist youtube channel. Hide your disgrace behind that kangaroo.
  • [ – ] albanothemadman reply This is 50k+ a year? You'd think he'd be able to afford a better capture program. Or string a logical sentence together. My had hurts. Lit-ter-rilly. God damnit.
  • DangerZone reply Is it true that it is wrong to murder someone? I think the idea is that the truth or falsity of moral considerations (one's that determine or govern behaviour) is not something that depends on a particular fact off the matter in the same way as does the truth value of something concerning the natural sciences.
  • wechat reply That was surprising. I've heard a few Peterson lectures and he seemed like a guy with his head screwed on straight, but after this...maybe not.
  • BenEdm0 reply JP is desperate to not be a nihilist cos he's heard that's bad. So he has story true, and actual true as different things. And this creates his cognitive dissonance.
  • thuggee reply hes a christian that does not believe in the resurrection the Abrahamic idea of God and the cosmos yet he is still a christian. talk about flipflopping clearly he ain't christian i mean Jehovah witnesses are more christian than he is and they barely meet the definition.
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