"Eromanga-Sensei" Review - Anime Friday

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  • [ – ] Reasanka reply great review, felt like you had alot of energy in this one :D maybe a week off did you good XD think you summed it up pretty well tbh, even though it's trashy i'm pretty sure i could find a trashier show haha i liked the discussion part too, videos about the anime community or just anime type things in general could be really fun like news articles, predictions for series etc, i'm sure there's plenty of anime-ish things out there to make vids on but my brain is dead after work today and i can't think of any XD also it'd be great to hear your thoughts in the characterisation section on specific characters, like elf-yamada-sensei, I thought she had some nice moments in the series :D great review again though, look forward to the next one :D
    • SeaTactics parent reply Firstly, thank you for complementing me for having energy. I think the break I took helped as I was just tired of watching anime I didn't want to. Basically I was forcing myself to have diverse reviews, but I realized I'm at my best when I'm reviewing anime that I actually want to watch, or anime that I find interesting (like this one). So basically you won't be seeing anime review where I forced myself to watch it. As for the community, I feel everyone is pissed off at each other for the simplest things, so instead of being pissed off for differences why not celebrate those differences through good ol fashioned HENTAY. I will also try and do more with characterizations, as I used to do exactly what you said.
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