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  • Sokka2Me reply There is a moment when a facehugger jumps on "Scar" and it cuts to the people. When it comes back, he is putting on his face mask
  • PorkCow reply No breath? According to Frozen '10 director Adam Green, that means the actors all have hypothermia and all liquids in their body have frozen. We can trust him, right?
  • Hewy_Toonmore reply Will you review Requiem some day?
  • BrandonCroker reply Moses' DVD collection? More like Pharoah's Betamax collection! Right? Right?
  • znushu reply Both of the sides of my brain thought it was just a boring movie, tbh.
  • [ – ] LeftHeadGrave reply With the brand deal at the start, is that a response to the whole ad issue at youtube? I'm not against some sponsorship so long as they don't try to change the show, I'm just curious as to the workings of it all. Also Linkara did at least part of an overview of the Robocop Vs. Terminator comic (which was surprisingly good). Maybe this calls for a crossover with him since the Predators/Alien franchise has done so many crossovers. Batman, Superman, Judge Dredd, Tarzan, Terminator, and a few others.
    • [ – ] Clivemakk parent reply there was a terminator vs robocop?
      • LeftHeadGrave parent reply Yeah, by Frank Miller before he went kind of insane. Basis of it was that Robocop was the basis of the Terminator system (being a fully functioning cyborg and all) so it's a bit of the inverse where the resistance fighter that travels back in time wants to destroy him and the Terminator looks to speed up the robot uprising.
  • avalongirl42 reply You didn't address the sleigh ride of friendship!!
  • REJ_Productions reply I see the possibility of a Happy Feet Remake with a CHUN! every time they tap-dance. It wold make Tappy Toes slightly better.
  • MysteryMii215 reply Brand deals? Really?
  • ErroRoyal reply I wish I had the money to tip 😅
  • AristotleFullThrottle reply Hey, I love your stuff. I'm a big fan. How can I ask you to come on my show as a guest? Oh, I guess I just did.
  • Raptorgaming reply I really enjoy this movie. I haven't seen any of the predator movies yet so I can only really compare it to the alien movies
  • Westley_Nash reply I must confess I didn't mind this movie, but mainly because it was a novelty factor; especially after the Freddy vs Jason movie as you mentioned. But much like with that movie I don't really consider them as proper Alien or Predator movies, just a knock about for fun.
  • Sheriff51 reply Well made...loved it
  • ImpureTale reply It mixes with his DNA because that's what they do? That's why the alien in Alien 3 moves more like a dog than a human.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Penguins are pure evil! I tell you, they want to take over the world!
  • POVincent reply Will Noonewillhighfiveme Jock return in a future episode?...Oh I mean, you're going to review Requiem some day, right?
  • Valis reply Don't you just hate it when people don't give you a High Five? ASSHOLES!
  • kwendy reply If you want cool AvP action you can just play the game. It's cool.
  • [ – ] Naturenerd1000 reply If I was an ancient I would trust the Predators, not the Alien.
  • becomebusy reply It;s will o.k , I doesn't like to watch it.
  • ChilliBeatAus reply i liked the movie thooo :(
  • Cartoonist_J0 reply The Xenomorphs always mix their DNA with their hosts
  • CaptainDeci reply Haven't seen AVP in years. Should give it another watch.
  • cheesetoastiegaming reply Will you ever review the Doctor who movie?
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