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  • Kentantino reply We living in a age of stupid people there no logic anymore it got lost with the idiots who see racist shit in everything.
  • GeorgeMcGee reply Mr. Spock raises one eyebrow and says," Fascinating." I'm not mocking, I agree with this man. Other cultures, mostly people of color have been guilty of slavery and bigotry on a much larger scale than people genetically Caucasian. At 745 million globally, whites are a minority race on this planet. Yet we are responsible for the most important medical, cultural and technological advancements historically. Take away the contributions of the Caucasian and you're sitting by a fire gnawing on a bone. Probably a human bone.
  • lewren reply We took from the past the bad things that were done, and made something good of it. Nobody in the history of man has done so much good as the white man. So many lives and so much time sacrificed for the grater good. In regards to what white people should do; exactly what you are doing. Asking those exact, very valid, questions.
  • InternetUnwind reply the fight for equality seems to have been warped in many groups, to now become about either being superior themselves or at the very least stripping all power from anyone in the "Caucasian" demographic. It's a shame that so many people start thinking they are doing the right thing and eventually end up being the thing they claim to hate. Great video dude.
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