Let's Play Welcome To The Game Part 1| Exploring The Deep Web (The Dark Side Of The Internet)

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  • [ – ] LPPigMan9999 reply lol man what the actual fuck is this? Some of those site names were fucking crazy, sad thing is, there's probably sites out there that are somewhat like that. The cannibal one scared the shit out of me the most. Gotta say man, this one was pretty good.
    • ZachThEaVeNgEr parent reply Oh, you know just a really fucked up horror game about the deep web XD. Ik they really were. Yeah, there probably is since the deep web does exist it's just hard to find thankfully so you won't see these kind of sites barely ever since they are difficult to find. At least similar ones like the ones in this game anyway. Ikr?! Same that was so disturbing! Ha, yeah! I might come back to this game again once I figure out what I'm doing, and know how to block the hacks.
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