Merkel Whines over Trumps' Proposed Russian Sanctions

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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply why does mergle pretend to care about germany then flood the country with muzzies
    • TeenageTorpedo parent reply Germany is a corporation and the elites decided you dont have to be german anymore to be part of it. Also #whitegenocide eventually
  • Switch-up-snowfox reply Merkel would come across as more sane if she just said "i want everyone politically against me to hang themselves or i'll fine them and their nations"
  • StolenMoment reply Merkel, a product of East Germany and the Soviet bloc. I expect no less. Socialist thug.
  • Cmygo reply "The Germans are afraid!" We are really not. Atleast not about the US economy or the German economy. If the economy were to fail it would be the best thing for us. No more social benefits, no more muzzies.
  • Cryptonymus reply Doublespeak. That's all it is.
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