UNBELIEVABLE Things People Do to Their Bodies | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #81

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  • ITSnippets reply Nice to see you here rob, love your content.
  • PurpleTorchGaming reply Still can't finish this video!!! I get to the splitting of the tongue and can't do it!!! Still a great video Rob!!!
  • CigarBGuitarefx reply I would rather join the ISA that is the International Society of Automation.
  • FreshTechTV reply This is nuts 😲lol
  • SamEarl13 reply Some people sure are crazy, I don't think any of these are practical whatsoever so I honestly don't know why people would want them. In fact I remember a while back they experimented with small machines that connected to your bloodstream although somehow that was too much despite the other insane things they do.
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