Immigrant Refugees Fill Job Gap Created by Americans Testing Positive for Drugs in Rust Belt

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  • [ – ] fancyfig reply i couldn't help but notice when you were going over the map, you were only looking at the key, while the map itself was becoming more red. i think there's definitely a media problem, but there's also a big and growing drug problem. muslims might have a lower tolerance towards addiction as they aren't allowed to drink alcohol at all. i don't know how many refugees we should allow in, but putting the ones that are here to work rather than having them wallow in slums and ghettos is the best way to prevent a culture of criminality from developing, which is good for everyone.
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply Thank you, but no not if they are taking jobs away from Americans. It's not the USA's job to put the world to work. It's the USA's job to put Americans to work. If you're saying since they're already here, well there's a solution for that too. One of the items that gets ignored in the Refugee discussion, is that many LOTS of the Refugees are young men, of fighting age, and that's why they're leaving, because they do NOT want to do the fighting for either side, multiple sides sometimes. I'm not sure I blame them, fight for corrupt leaders etc, I really wouldn't know. But that is a big part of this Refugee issue. It just is. At first when they were first reporting on the migrating refugees in Europe, they would pan the camera to show the miles long line of Refugees and then you'd watch them pass the camera closer. Many most, at least 75% or more were young men. The media stopped showing it when people starting taking note of it. This is not my idea, I heard people reporting on it.
      • [ – ] fancyfig parent reply i'm just thinking on a more pragmatic level that there are wars, wars make refugees, refugees need somewhere to go, once they get there they are impoverished and will be homeless unless they find a job, if not for low drug use things like poor english, not being familiar with us resumes and local customs, probably allot of ptsd, and general discrimination makes finding jobs really hard, long term poverty can lead to crime, and extremist ideologies. the injustices are occurring in syria, until those get fixed we have to deal with the symptoms.
        • [ – ] Charlton parent reply I must say you are extremely nice in the way you present your side. I wont say you convinced me, although I did move a tiny tiny bit toward you. Either way, your major politeness definitely made me listen. Great job for real. And I look forward to hearing more from you. Have a great weekend. Charlton
  • [ – ] RockStarAz reply The Prof comes from Failed Drug Tests . Theirs no masking stuff up or talking , talking points like you did with out knowing what the storie​ was . Other than above stated the last 2 minutes sounded good even if it was just another talking point.
    • Charlton parent reply I appreciate your comments, I really do. However, are you telling me 7,799,000 people (unemployment) are failing drugs tests, not to mention the 95,000,000 not in the labor force (many because they've given up looking)? I know this story focused a couple locations, but still the numbers just do not bear out he argument, not even close. It's silly to try to defend it. It's not a talking point, it's arithmetic. Still, I appreciate you commenting I swear I do. Charlton
  • [ – ] phoenix4r7 reply Right on bro.
  • phoenix4r7 reply Right on bro.
  • [ – ] bigduck112 reply this is just sad
  • [ – ] girlreadingbooks reply We've heard this about farming jobs before, now they're trying to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs. That's not going to fly, as you say, in the rustbelt. Man, these guys are THE WORST!
    • Charlton parent reply Great point. It's always against people Americans who have little means to speak out. They are THE WORST totally
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply There is so much talk about fake news these days. I think there has always been fake news, even going back to ancient Roman times and beyond. Those who run society, those who have the big bucks and the right family names get to make the rules. They are the ones who own the news outlets and set the direction for the conversation. So if they decide to highlight an issue (or create one from scratch), then they have the platform. You've got real passion there, Charlton. Give 'em hell. Break the illusion.
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply You make so much sense, dead on point of view. I'm left nearly speechless after reading your comment(s) really. I'm Not trying to flatter you, falsely. I say this because I hope you stay on the path you're on, because your are on the right path. Thank you so much.
      • Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply Thanks, Charlton. I appreciate your candor. I guess its easy to be blind to our own strengths until someone else points them out to us. You made my day.
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